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Conversation Between Zabo and haleyd
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  1. Zabo
    07-26-2009 12:09 PM
    Yeah, it's a close photoshop approximation of Synergy Green. Along with Opel Green it may be a mid year color addition to the pallet at Oshawa in a similar fashion that Summit White was added in July. I'm ordering post grad from WMU and have pretty much set my mind on that exterior color.

    Many think that the Chevy Spark production concept's green is what we'll see on the Camaro as Synergy.

    And yeah, I'm from Toledo, OH but going to school here in Kalamazoo. I'm finding more that I'm split between my love of Ohio and Michigan, but haven't been to Indy much. Mostly flown in and out of it a few times and over it. I gotta say though that I love the Great Lakes area.. sucks that jobs are hard to find around here because I want to stay.

  2. haleyd
    07-26-2009 10:22 AM
    just saw one of your posts and the camaro in your signature... that green is amazing! i LOVE it. if that was a color option i would have it on the one i'm about to order in abm! is that actually a color that they may come out with? or do you just love it?

    by the way, i see you're from kzoo... i'm from schoolcraft. well i'm FROM schoolcfraft... i live in fort wayne now, but i grew up in the craft!!!

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