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Conversation Between 3CamarosOnHand and daphatgrant
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  1. 3CamarosOnHand
    09-27-2010 06:02 PM
    Can you do the PennYan show iam going to try.
  2. 3CamarosOnHand
    09-20-2010 09:20 PM
    Hey are you up for a roadtrip my way this weekend for the thatcher park show if phantom ever posts details
  3. 3CamarosOnHand
    09-18-2010 03:30 PM
    Wow have you been sleeping I thought you were ignoring me we are leaving for the show at 945 am its a 2run from cortland to here if you come up 13 80 and 20 call me anytime today or in the am.
  4. 3CamarosOnHand
    09-15-2010 06:30 PM
    Call me
  5. 3CamarosOnHand
    09-09-2010 08:22 PM
    OK Ill try it are you thinking about Bruces show next weekend . It would be me alone most likely maybe we can split a room if we go Marks not going
  6. 3CamarosOnHand
    09-09-2010 04:20 PM
    Hey you missed one page 24 about half way down TROondrey from hopewell junction i take it back you aint the man hahaha
  7. 3CamarosOnHand
    09-07-2010 08:56 PM
    There should be another one coming at you NY bumblebee HE joined the social group so i sent him a pm asking him to send his info to the club mail box , I sent Hylton a message about coming down to the sept to remember show.
  8. 3CamarosOnHand
    09-01-2010 07:06 AM
    Here is a info link for a show we might be going to- it's for a good cause for those close to us:
    I know Keith and Joan and Barry and Linda are going....

    If you'd like to add this...
  9. 3CamarosOnHand
    08-28-2010 07:53 PM
    Have some updates for page 1.......they are as follows:
    Change Berry to Barry Wood
    Add the following members from post while we were in Oshawa:
    Gary - Wink2010 2ssrs Rally Yellow, Macedon, NY JEGS CAR WINNER
    Hylton from Canada
    Frank 1018 Paige's husband should be listed separately with his Imperial Blue (unless you have it linked that way?)

    Also, a few shows can come off now .
    Maybe we can add the BBQ and some hotel links for Moravia show now that Mark made the invite and posted details???? Also deadline to register to be judged is August 31 postmarked.

    Just a little work for you to do....sorry- wish we could help you with this but ya know you're the BESTEST "IT" guy we have
  10. 3CamarosOnHand
    08-17-2010 10:02 PM
    Hey two days and counting Ihave a name for you, of the gentleman i just razzed in my post. his name is Joe Cuifo Utica ny 2SSrs Victory Red email save this until he registers with the club by himself .You have meet him at the beach he does all the note taking on everycar . hes going to shit come the 26th i think we could be close to 20 cars this time. les. grabbed one cgm from gloversville area today and we got two tonight. i pmed TJD24 about time line hes looking to be in oshawa at 6 that puts him in syracuse area around 2 .told him if he got stuck in traffic we were leaving syracuse at 330 . hopefully ill have to go meet Wiked tommarrow night for decals. gotta get a shower ill check back in a min.

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