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Conversation Between montreal2010yellow and bowtie22
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  1. bowtie22
    03-10-2011 06:26 AM
    Thanks for the feedback. With respect to the type of engine (i.e. V6 or V8) I guess it's a matter of personal preference and how much the individual would like to spend. Furthermore, I believe that the price of fuel has a direct correlation with the decision making process. Following Saudi Arabia, we have the second largest oil reserves in the world, but we are still paying more for fuel than our American counterparts.

    Presently, I am looking at used Camaros (V6 & V8) with low kilometres. I have noticed that some of them have some stone chips, but I surmise that's inevitable. I like the V8, lots of power, but it guzzles fuel. The V6 appears to be a more reasonable and practical choice. However, I have not test driven a V6 yet. I guess it would be a prudent thing to do. In the meantime, any other info on the V6 would be deeply appreciated,and I hope your modifications work out to your expectations. Cheers, George (bowtie 22)
  2. montreal2010yellow
    03-05-2011 05:28 PM
    Hello I think either the V6 or V8 is a matter of choice and the $$$ you wish to invest. I did choose a V6 because I got a very good deal on a used and I think that 304 HP is a lot of power for some $10,000.00 difference. I like the car a lot and I will put some upgrades in a few weeks....Solo Performance Mach X-LLt J-pipes exhausts, a CAI and a catch can. Car should go around 330HP because the real output on 2010 is 312 like the 2011 but GM did'nt have time to homolegate the HP at 312 in 2008 before the production started so they went to 304HP....I don't drive me car this winter and it was also stored last winter by the previous owner,here in Montreal streets are very damadgable on cars, we have pot-holes by the I choose to put my baby in storage. We also have a winter snow tires Law and we have to put winter tires from November 15 to March 15 so I did'nt want to spend $1,600.$ for new wheels and run the car on beautifull days. Hope you'll have a good buy. Robert
  3. bowtie22
    03-04-2011 04:37 AM
    Greetings montreal2010yellow, I was briefly looking at the pics of ur bumblebee camaro. The car looks sharp. At one point I was leaning toward the V8, but I'm thinking of purchasing a V6. I 've heard lots of good things about that engine (V6). What are ur views on the V6? BTW, do u drive ur car during the montreal winters?
    Cheers, bowtie22

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