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Conversation Between Susantroy1 and bucky1399
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  1. Susantroy1
    11-30-2009 02:43 PM
    To be honest with you...after having the 12" installed I could have done a 10" with no doubts about it later. But as with my bigger is better mentality I opted for the 12"
    My settings on the head unit is set to 3-4 bass for the wife and I prefer 5-6 but thats it. at those settings I know I'm not taxing the sub or amp in the least. Kinda nice to pump it up on the songs that I like allot of bass but 98% of the time I keep it at a level of 5. So yea, a 10" would have worked out great. The sound matting was my best decision out of the whole process. Good luck in whatever you decide.
  2. bucky1399
    11-30-2009 11:19 AM
    Great write up on your sub/amp install. What do you think of the 12" bass? I'm not interested in being heard from 3 blocks away, just looking to add some thump. Is the 12" just right or would you have considered the 10" system? Thanks,

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