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Conversation Between Stephen12ZL1 and Gbland60
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  1. Gbland60
    05-06-2017 12:20 PM
    Tokk me alil while to find visitors page and when i did felt like a dummy as im still learning to navigate around this forum since im new to it. Back to tires... Thats not bad on what you paid for them as im sure your well aware of what they actually cost brand new. Too rich for me. I was kinda looking for more towards the look for now than anything and since the cups have such a wide footprint i just figued that might be an option but the wear rating is so low for mostly street driving didnt want to take a chance on blowing all that $ and later regret it. But have to admit they are a nice looking tire. Man thanks for your input. I I've been reading on this forum long before I purchased my Z in November of last year and among about 5 people on this forum you being one of them are really good ones that I find very knowledgeable because yall bought the car for what it was designed to do. Thanks again answering back.
  2. Gbland60
    05-05-2017 09:11 PM
    Hey Stephen12ZL1. I've been looking into the Michelin cup tires also for a few months myself. Just didnt know how they would look or fit up. I thought i was the only one interested in the cup N spec. Ebay had 2 New 325 30s like $625 ish but the date was 2014 if i remember correctly. You bought yours new ? Do you mind me asking where and how much? 305s were hard for me to find. Michelin 4s was my 1st choice since probably wont be tracking it anytime in the near future. Appreciate your comments. Thanks

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