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Conversation Between shevyman and 1_2Many
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  1. shevyman
    04-10-2009 05:32 PM
    yeah i know earthquake. they are another brand rated for power. you should look up the hertz and audison amps there was one they had ****er was huge and i think it was the same 20,000 watts rms. it had two power holes and two ground holes that i think were 0 guage. but that amp is for spl you should check it out. i went to the ces show in vegas with my buddy who owns an audio shop so i saw and heard alot.
  2. 1_2Many
    04-10-2009 10:32 AM
    The last few years I have done SEMA and the CES show and each time somehow our booth is always next to or very close to Earthquake. This last year I listened to some demo cars and I was very impressed. They even had an amp that was rated 20,000 watts RMS and from the size of it I believe it. You should check them out, I can't imagine a more clean power for the price.
  3. shevyman
    04-10-2009 07:52 AM
    well i guess that is the same with fosgate and them they are over produced so they got shitty and started to make them cheap. cause i remember the old black fosgate amps that said 500 watts and it was like 800 rms. but like i was explaining it depends on what you are looking for in sound. seriously the only way you would understand is by hearing the difference. i can't explain any more then i have. i use to be into that loud muddy base till i ran into this stuff. but again it all depends on what you want as your sound.
  4. 1_2Many
    04-09-2009 10:28 AM
    I got maximum excursion on my W3's. I actually popped off a dust cap on one and had to have it re-glued. The box was CAD designed to fit in the ackward space of a 3rd gen Firebird and airspace was correct. There was a big difference between 1st and 2nd gen HiFonics amps...I actually got the amps from an SPL champion car when you could not find them anymore. I used to push Lanzar Pros back when Lanzer used to be good, but just like HiFonics they turned into a cheap low quality brand in later years.
  5. shevyman
    04-09-2009 07:48 AM
    i would never put any money into hifonics. i use to hit 159db with my fosgate 12" with a infinity 1200rms amp. but way to much weight and took up to much room. my sub is under powered and only in like .9 cubic inches of a box and it requires more. and also if you put my sub up against yours you would hear the differents in the clarity. hifonics has real shitty filters so the bass is muddy. also when you bumb the system do your subs flex alot? and what kind of box do you have them in? caus i know how jl w3's are. it was kinda funny i we were at h.i.n and had this guy come up and here my system and then heard the one 11" focal sub in the lambo and right then and there he asked how much to redo his system and sell all his shit and he had three jl w6s the new ones.
  6. shevyman
    04-03-2009 09:01 AM
    well i can tell you right now if you go look at website and check out there mill sub it will kill two of those subs with just one. and the other subs do a great job i have on es 300 and i put out 127db with only 155 watts rms at 4ohms and its also in like a .9 cubic inch box. small enclosure and they are good or add more air and room and get more performance. ia m looking at doing the mill 12". you can see my set up at my myspace page look me up at or send me your email and i will show you the set up.

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