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Conversation Between wrek and Camaro5Iowa
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  1. Camaro5Iowa
    10-20-2009 12:02 AM
    Oh! I didn't know that was your car! I checked out your car when I first arrived there. I was over in the drag staging area (racing and a lot of waiting) until 5 pm or so. I saw you and your fam getting in your car but didn't realize that you were "wrek". Funny stuff. Yes, for only $20 anyone can drag. They only run them like 2 times per month from May until Oct. I will be back doing that again next year for sure.
  2. wrek
    10-19-2009 04:45 PM
    So can you just go there and drag whenever the track is open? Seems like a good deal... never done it before myself and was itching to try it but I only have 1000 miles on my car. I tried to catch you but you were gone when the awards were done... wanted to say hi and meet you.
  3. Camaro5Iowa
    10-19-2009 04:04 PM
    Had a blast at the speedway yesterday. It sure was windy, though. I drag raced a newer V6 Mustang and won. My best time for 1/8 mile: 10.08 sec. at 75 mph. (My Camaro is a V6 as well.) They start up drags again next May.
  4. wrek
    10-16-2009 08:42 AM
    Oh there it is, I was looking at Saturday:
  5. wrek
    10-16-2009 08:41 AM
    I went to their website, can't find any information on it.. it says something about a beer can collector's rally or something, and a private party..? What's the entry fee?
  6. Camaro5Iowa
    10-16-2009 01:28 AM
    It's just the 3rd Annual Car/Motorcycle Show 'n Shine & drag racing that the speedway has every year. Will be my first time going.
  7. wrek
    10-15-2009 06:27 PM
    What's this car show for?
  8. Camaro5Iowa
    10-15-2009 06:03 PM
    Sounds good. I only know of 2 others: you and BumbleD's. Do you know any others around Des Moines? I am heading up to Iowa Speedway with my Camaro this Sunday to enter their car show and 1/8 mile drags. (I hope to compete with a Rust-stang.) I have to be there by 11 am to check in for the car show. We all should meet up before a car show or something.
  9. wrek
    10-14-2009 03:22 PM
    Hey nice ride C5Iowa We should get all the cool kids (with the Yellow/black) together sometime

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