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Conversation Between Legend and CamaroRon
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  1. CamaroRon
    05-17-2010 03:15 AM
    Thanks.. you were No help at all! =) Haha... I know i would be happy with either but the Camaro seems like more bang for your buck compared to the higher price Challenger. But the Challenger looks just freakin bad ass and the Camaro is starting to be like a Mustang... in terms of starting to be everywhere now and not so exclusive. I use to rarely see a Camaro, now I'm seeing one more often.

    Guess I'll know when i test drive then both. Thanks!!
  2. Legend
    05-13-2010 08:48 AM
    Tough choice! It's really about what you like best I think after reading your post. I love my Camaro but at the same time, the Challenger is right there with it! Looks wise, I think the Challenger has the top spot. Luxury and performance at it's best for an American muscle car. Camaro has performance first then luxury (if you get the 2SS or 2LT). Almost two different cars but the same.

    If I could pick only one...and I didn't plan to track the car (which I do with my Camaro)...I'd buy...IDK...I don't have to do that so I can't say which!! LOL!

    Either way, you'll love both. The Challenger is comfort, luxury (SRT8), performance (SRT8), retro looks are the best of the 3 current muscle cars where as the Camaro is performance, cool looks, and comfort (2SS).

    That would be a hard choice between the two...
  3. CamaroRon
    05-12-2010 11:20 PM
    Hi! How you do not mind if i ask you your opinion since you have the unique experience of having both a Camaro and Challenger. I plan on buying one next year. If I could I would buy both since I am a fan of both. BUT if you could only choose one, which one and why?

    I am not going to race and I don't mind that the Camaro is a little faster. I am just looking for something cool to look at and fun to drive yet comfortable for daily driving. I was planning on getting the Camaro but everytime I see a Challenger I just think WOW! And I happen to really like the all black interior of the Challenger.

    Thanks for your thoughts and insight. I really appreciate it!


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