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Conversation Between kingsnakes2LT and haleyd
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  1. haleyd
    03-15-2010 06:59 AM
    i totally understand that and agree... if THEY will fix it, it's sold, but i am already paying the most i can pay... no more added expenses can be thrown on there and fixing it will just be an added expense. if i'm paying this much money, i feel like i need to get EXACTLY what i want! just like everyone that ordered was able to do
  2. kingsnakes2LT
    03-14-2010 09:23 PM
    Get the car with the Front Plate. It can be removed and the holes fixed. At least you'll have the car you've dreamed about for months.
    I'm afraid if you snooze you'll loose. Go for and fix it the way you want it later.
  3. haleyd
    03-14-2010 08:04 PM
    i've actually already found my car.... i just have to find out what they can do about the fact that there is a front license plate holder. i obviously don't want one since i live here. there are only 3 cars in the country with my exact specs and the one i found the dealer is giving me $4000 off MSRP. i can't turn it down... unless there's nothing they can do about the front plate holder....
  4. kingsnakes2LT
    03-14-2010 08:01 PM
    I don't know if Dave Chemel works on the weekend.
    I hope you were able to see the two ABM Camaros up close. If you think of it, or go back to Crumback's, ask them to do a search for a 2LT ABM. Tell them the options you want and they can search all the dealerships to find the one you want if there is one still left that is not sold, or maybe they can even find any used 2LT ABM that might fix your desires. Dave Chemel was my sales guy and I know he will do anything he can to get you in the car you want. ABM is the best color of all the Camaros and the rarest, don't settle for less. Good Luck.
  5. haleyd
    03-11-2010 07:50 AM
    HEY! yep, i'm an abm fan for life lol! it's the ONLY color i will get so i will never be able to order one :( i'm so going to crumback this weekend to see the car. i've still NEVER seen one up close in real life (other than 2 that have flown by me on the road). i want a 2LT/RS so i'm sure i won't want the one at crumback, but i just want to see it with my own two eyes!
  6. kingsnakes2LT
    03-10-2010 11:50 PM
    Remember me?, It's Kingsnake2LT from Fort Wayne.
    Just stopped by Crumback Symonds Chev. dealership in New Haven, IN today. They have a 1LT ABM, no Stripes, and a 1SS or 2SS (I'm not sure) ABM, with White Racing Stripes on their lot.
    The SS with the stripes is in the Showroom. Ask for Dave Chemel. Tell them Kevin Knox sent you. Dave will do you right.
    Glad to see you are back in the market for a 5th Gen. and Glad to see your still ABM. I got my 2LT RS ABM with White Stripes. I Love it. Go to my profile and check her out. Jump on the 5th Gens at Crumbacks, they won't be there long. I bet ya!.
    Good Luck!
  7. kingsnakes2LT
    09-25-2009 09:58 PM
    She's Here! She's Here! She's Here!
    Dealer called at 3:30 PM today, said they were getting my car off the truck.
    Dealer is in New Haven. I work in Monroeville.
    I grabbed the office camera and took off for the dealership.
    I did not get there to watch them take her off the truck, but I got some pictures.
    She is all dirty and stuff from the long ride, but she is sooooooooo sick.
    I can not take delivery until Monday, due to dealer prep, but Monday she is all mine.
    The pics from arrival are on the Aqua Blue Metalic thread.
    Check her out. I am a proud papa again.
    More pics will follow once she' is cleaned up a bit, but damn it's going to be a long WE.
    How have yo been?
    Have not heard from you in a while.
    I see your last post was 9-15. Are you OK?
    I hope so !

    Thanks for all your support.
    PM me.
  8. kingsnakes2LT
    09-16-2009 08:22 PM
    Hey Haleyd!
    What's up?
    I haven't heard from you for a while.
    Sell your car yet?
    I got some good news today.
    VIN # 2G1FC1EV1A9146788.
    B-Day 9-15-09.
    Dealer can not see Invoice on the GM System yet, so I will not go complete the fin. until he gets the Invoice.
    She is currently at 4B00 - Bayed.
    Still needs to get her White Rally Stripes before she can begin her journey home, so I hope that does not delay her too long.
    The thing with the wife's job is a little shakey, but I have been waiting and wanting this car so long, I just can not turn my back on her now that she is "all livin".
    I hope things are well with you & I pray you have, or will sell your car soon.
    Keep me posted my friend!
  9. haleyd
    09-05-2009 07:24 AM
    oh yeah that is way up there! well i hope everything works out with that job and that she is able to go permanent there!

    yeah i'm from ossian. i work in bluffton though. as far as my car, i really don't want, and won't, go under 8k. that's a lot lower than i would like and less than what a few dealers that i talked to about it have told me to ask for it but i really want to sell it so i can start saving that 100 a week i'm paying on it towards the camaro!! so we'll see!
  10. kingsnakes2LT
    09-04-2009 07:46 PM
    Thanks !!
    She got a job in Topeka IN. Way up north above Legionier.

    Glad to here you have some people interested in your car.
    Can you take a little off if you have to deal?
    I'll keep praying you get her sold soon.
    Thanks for the heartfelt and kind thoughts.
    are you from Ossian by any chance or from Bluffton?
    When you said a town of about 1700 people I though of Ossian.
    Be cool !

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