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Conversation Between X-treme Horsepower and Dforce0990
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  1. Dforce0990
    04-23-2010 10:56 AM
    So I think I'm ready to go head with an exhaust. Cat back, and loud. Whatcha got?

  2. Dforce0990
    04-16-2010 12:26 PM
    The stock grill jus snaps out, I have it in a box good to be put on another camaro that needs it
  3. X-treme Horsepower
    03-26-2010 01:50 PM
    X-treme Horsepower
    just let me know man we close at 6 but are usually here after that just be sure to mention my name and what we have been working on if im not here
  4. Dforce0990
    03-26-2010 08:44 AM
    Unfortunately I never get off before 1700 Monday through Friday. Unless it's a three or four day weekend due to a federal holiday. If i get some extra time today, I'll be sure to call, I'm doing all the research now and everyone works on the same schedule or in another time zone so it's been kind of rough trying to get all the information I'd like prior any kind of purchase.
  5. X-treme Horsepower
    03-25-2010 11:47 PM
    X-treme Horsepower
    we are open on saturdays for sales but not installs
    i am not there on Saturdays but am there during the week would be great for me to be the one to talk to you feel free to give me a call or anything ya need just let me know
    Xtreme Horsepower
  6. Dforce0990
    03-25-2010 10:10 PM
    The handheld tuner idea sounds like a good one. Are yal open on Saturdays? I may be able to come up there and speak with ya in person. Pends on work and if I'm needed in field or not.

    Thanks for the detailed explanation. Very informative.
  7. X-treme Horsepower
    03-25-2010 12:56 PM
    X-treme Horsepower
    yes long tube headers will trip the o2 code
    only way to turn it off is to do a custom tune on it which we can do here
    one option that most of our customers choose is to do the custom tune and if they ever need to go into the dealer about warranty issues is run it back here by the shop we unload and save your custom tune and put your factory tune back in it and then after your all done with the dealership just run it back by and we will put your custom tune back in which we do not charge anything for that
    the other option is to get a diablo handheld is for us to still do the custom tune and if you need to take it back into the dealer ship you can unload the custom tune and it will be saved on the diablo and load your factory tune back in and after dealership is all done put your custom tune back in all of this you can do at your house this route is a little bit more expensive since you have to buy the programmer
  8. Dforce0990
    03-24-2010 10:12 PM
    Oh at ft hood area, my bad didn't read whole message
  9. Dforce0990
    03-24-2010 10:05 PM
    CIA, headers and exhaust. Want a loud deep growl sound and some power gain. But I'm a little weary, been asking, and not getting answers, about the mods. If I get them all done, will it trip the O2 sensor? Because the dealership I go through is pretty anal when it comes down to the warranty.
  10. X-treme Horsepower
    03-24-2010 10:04 PM
    X-treme Horsepower
    we are in North Richland Hills right off of 820 off of Davis Blvd
    what ya looking to get done?
    where ya located?

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