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Conversation Between BATOUTOFHELL and Mohrg Beast
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  1. Mohrg Beast
    02-14-2010 11:09 PM
    Mohrg Beast
    yeah of course i retained all controls..i hooked the amp up by bridging the amp into the two 6x9s already in the car. then i hooked up the bass speaker and turned the radio up till around the perfect volume for me. then i used the amp to adjust the punch of the bass speaker i installed. made the perfect sound for me.but its was that simple. worse thing was bridging the amp into the 6x9s and running the power and ground around and under the carpeting in the trunk. about an hours work. dr pepper break included..and give or take enough time for screaming and yelling and cursing god and everyone else around me and retrieving my tools after i threw them. all that and my dad was the main one doing all the work.i just get upset about an hour and a half after all my mishaps.
    02-06-2010 05:18 AM
    Did you still retain your controls on your steering wheel with that set up. Been thinking about the MTX factory subwoofer but cheapest found was like 750 bucks. Its just plug and play, has amp built in an install pretty easy. Not really good at that stuff anymore, Not the eight track,Kraco amp and Jensen 6 x 9 set ups anymore like when I was a kid. LMAO. I like to rock too. Old 70's 80's hippie. Not into rap at all. Closest would be Faith No More or Anthrax.
  3. Mohrg Beast
    02-05-2010 06:13 PM
    Mohrg Beast
    ohh the sound system was just something i tried putting together using as little money as possible and getting as much sound as i can. i went onto ebay and bought a "brand new" "still in the box" rockford fosgate 10 inch speaker. i then went to walmart and bought a dual amp for 70 bucks..the box speaker i ordered fit absolutely perfectly in my trunk, on one side that is. so much so that i actually had to push just a little to squeeze it in and it wouldnt go anywhere. i then put the amp behind it and still retained all of my trunk space as well..whole project including extra speaker wire was around $250 or less. made my windows shake and using the rear view mirror was a thing of the past due to the incredible lows and mids that one speaker gave..
  4. Mohrg Beast
    02-05-2010 06:12 PM
    Mohrg Beast
    reason i tried that is cause my fiancee had a lancer with just one rockford punch that sounded perfect to me. i listen to metal anyway and highs/mids and some lows is all i need.but sometimes i like to show off and listen to some gangster rap from the 90s when i ride,cause who honestly can say they like todays music right???. lighting kit cost 350 for the kit and they arent very breakable. they are made of of bullet proof plastic not glass and contain tons of high output LEDS instead of the halogen bulb..very efficient.
    02-04-2010 06:23 AM
    Hey bud , you might check out granatelli racing for the turbo. They do some amazing things with the L series engines.
    02-04-2010 06:19 AM
    Thanks for all the info. Don't know why everyone talked trash. I always liked the lights under cars, was just always expensive and breaking all the time so never have done it to anything before. You had a story about the cheap audio for 200 dollars,what was that all about. I'm gonna have a custom hood painted for mine with a skull, cross and bat wings ghosted in and the rally stripes just a deeper red jewel tint color. Gonna name car Bat Out of Hell. Again thanks for the info. Enjoy your ride. Its damn sure sweet.

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