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Conversation Between PWND and Pumpkin1LT
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  1. PWND
    05-13-2010 02:56 PM
    I meant the way the Daytime Running Lights work, is they are on until the headlights come on. The DRL & Headlights do not come on together. Now, after everything was installed, he re-did the way they work. Now... my DRL come on during the day... but when it gets dark and my headlights turn on... my DRL stay on as well instead of turning off... It was something I wanted to have done too, and since he was already swapping the bulbs out he asked if I wanted him to make them stay on with my headlights and I said sure... I think a lot of people wanted them to come this way by default...

    The afterburners are my favorite... I will probably take off my headlights in 3-4 months and mod the factory halo ring and put it back on... over the colored halos to make the ring look more solid... CaliEMT was explaining how he did his... it looks really good... you should look him up on here and check out his pics... thats how I want my halos to look... like a full ring...
  2. Pumpkin1LT
    05-13-2010 02:14 PM
    Talked with Andy this afternoon about the Afterburners. I'm just going
    to take out my tails and ship them to him. Might have to reorder the tail tints which really sucks! He's also going to paint my bezels black, my LT1 badge black and the bowtie as well. All coming to about $470 minus shipping. I am seriously debating on just forking out the rest to get the headlights/fogs done just to send it all together..that will prob cost me about 1K too. But I second thinking the fog and headlight halos. I don't have the RS lights so I am really concerned that the Amber color will be off...the amber color of the fog will look diff than the heads. IDK. And what do you mean the lights wouldn't turn off when the car was on!? They automatically came on when the engine was engaged!? That doesn't sound right!
  3. PWND
    05-13-2010 11:35 AM
    I think I paid about $1k or less all total for all the parts and work. I had ordered everything prior to going up, and when it all came in I setup a time with "Mecha" (the dude who installed it all... up in DFW)... I also had my fog light bulbs upgraded to match my headlights and also they are always on when my car is on... there were a few other things that he did that I didnt mention besides the halos, afterburners, and footwell lights...
  4. Pumpkin1LT
    05-13-2010 06:05 AM
    If you don't mind me asking, how much did you end up paying out for the install? And did the shop have the Halos in stock or did they have to get shipped there after ordering them online? Thanks!

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