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  1. 69 Hugger
    11-11-2008 01:03 PM
    69 Hugger
    Just found on that same page "Related Links" it has the last ten years of the SEMA Shows. check out last years Jay Leno vette
  2. 69 Hugger
    11-11-2008 12:47 PM
    69 Hugger
    I can't figure out how to paste this page, but if you go to and at the top of the page it says Autoshows, then at the next page where the picture of the "SRT10" is, hit "SEMA Show Vehicles" and it will show all the cars and you can see the G8.And your right, they have all the fun, what a job, If you can call it that.
  3. 69 Hugger
    11-11-2008 11:15 AM
    69 Hugger
    Yea I forgot they were only 10.00 dollars, I'll know next time. Thanks, Did you see the G8GTX 638 HP LSX concept ? I'm sure it will be on this site soon if not today.
  4. 69 Hugger
    11-10-2008 05:04 PM
    69 Hugger
    Is there anyway to exchange the camaor5 T-shirts for a bigger size ? if not I just started Christmas shopping early.
  5. 69 Hugger
    11-08-2008 10:13 PM
    69 Hugger
    I've got a couple of questions for you, Can you change to a bigger cam in the L99 ? If so would you have to put the phaser back on it ? I think thats what it's called, don't want to call it by the wrong name. And my final question, can you get a Roller from GM ? not talking cam : ) but the car less the motor and trans ? these day I'm quessing no but thought you might know or know who to ask. Do you think down the road they'll offer a LS3 in an Auto ? ok thats all my naggin, Thanks man
  6. 69 Hugger
    11-07-2008 07:58 PM
    69 Hugger
    At Idle is the L99 running on four cylinders ? I was reading about the motor that it can make the engine work harder in this mode/ When it drops 4 cylinders. Do you know or have any info on deactivating the solenoid. I know its early but do you think theres a schematic out there on the car? Thanks
  7. 69 Hugger
    10-20-2008 05:26 PM
    69 Hugger
    I questioned why he said non refundable ? He said why even take it if your going to give it back. I think this day an age in are economy that he wll be stuck with it. He wants a grand I'm going back tomarrow with 500see if he'll take it. thanks for the info
  8. TAG UR IT
    10-19-2008 11:33 PM
    When you go to your dealer, be PREPARED. Know what you want and what EACH item costs. Knowledge is key here. Before placing your order, you must know an agreed upon price. That means they say MSRP, $500 below MSRP, etc, etc. and you come to an agreement. Then, you place your order with your salesman. Already knowing what you wanted, you should be able to price your car EXACTLY to what the dealer comes up with.

    Depending on dealer, they might as for a deposit. This SHOULD be in form of a check. The dealer SHOULD keep that check and NOT deposit it. The check MUST be fully refundable in the event something unforseeable happens. Do not accept that they must now go and find another buyer and this takes time, etc. if you have to back out on your order. Someone will snatch that car up like hotcakes if you don't buy it. Also, this check will be put towards the downpayment on the car...make sure that happens.

    Then, you are set. Sit back and wait until you are notified by the dealer that your Camaro order has been pulled. The dealer will call you when your order has been built and delivered. Go in knowing that your car, built to your specifications, will be ready to go at the already agreed upon price that you already had them put down on paper.

    When you go in to buy, pay them however you will. Shop for the best APR before going in to the dealer. The dealer will probably be able to give you the best APR available. BUT, always check with your regular banker to see if they can beat or match the price. Whom you go with is up to you. Fill out the financing paperwork and sign on all the dotted lines. You will pay state tax, title, and license upon completion of the sale. It'd be wise to figure that out before going into the dealer as well.....those surprises aren't fun.

    DO NOT accept any other dealer added charges to the sale. That "paint sealant" stuff is NOT something I will EVER accept (as a car is built to factory specs and the paint is just fine). If there was something wrong with the way they painted the car at the factory, they'd fix it. Do NOT agree to ever pay for sealant (just my opinion...). Some dealers might charge a 1.5% advertising fee. That's for you and your dealer to discuss. I've been told all dealers are assesed this fee. There might be other fees that a dealer tries to add in. Your best bet is to take someone with you who has done this before. Look over EVERYTHING and ask EVERY question that you can. If you don't ask, you will never know and might end up paying for something that you weren't expecting.

    Best advice, "BE PREPARED."
  9. 69 Hugger
    10-19-2008 07:03 PM
    69 Hugger
    can you run down the process from the time you get your order in, and when the car get to the dealership. You agree on the price when you order right ? then when car gets to dealer you decide on how to finance. never ordered a car its rather stressfull. 1000 down non refundable going to tell him 500 and I agree if there are no changes in price I'll take the car. going back tomarrow and work out down payment. Ive got the number two spot. thanks man, My brothers a law man in S.C. SLED

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