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Conversation Between trm0002 and PQ
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  1. PQ
    01-20-2009 04:20 PM
    lol Thanx.
  2. trm0002
    01-20-2009 02:24 PM
    You sir are hereby removed from the self-inflicted torture of having made a post in err...

    We all have our moments; won't be the first, won't be the last. Apology not necessary, but humbly and gratefully accepted. I just had my 13th anniversary in Dec. My wife calls me an asshole too. See, told you we were all good.

  3. PQ
    01-20-2009 09:54 AM
    Hey, I just wanted to say once again I appologize for the crapy post I put. You posted:
    Off topic- Dude, did you get married at like 12 ?
    I thought you were saying I was 'off topic' and that you were making the 'married at 12' comment as would be indicative of my intelect. As if you were to have posted it like this:
    Off topic dude. Did you get married at like 12?
    It's still no excuse to have said what I did. As I said on the board, I feel like an Idiot.
    Thanx again for the assurance of we're all good. Sorry again.

    Me and Bonnie love to go to car shows together. She does some of the contests and I look at the cars of course. We've been together for 17 yrs. Married for 15. I met her when I got back from Dessert Storm and we've been together since. She said I was an asshole for posting what I did and laughed at me and called me an Idiot. She also says thank you for the compliment.

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