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Conversation Between pfflyer and Mephisto2SSRS
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  1. pfflyer
    07-20-2009 04:35 AM
    Hey, glad to help out it I can...
    If you look back at some of the previous update sheets that were posted and see that you have various dates in the "last update" column, this mostly like means that the car has moved through a few check points in QC. If you were built on 6/19 and your last update shows 7/16, then something definitely happened on that day. It seems that there was a vast number of cars that moved on 7/16. I would watch yours this week, as I am watching mine because I think something will change by the end of the week. Stay in touch and good luck...
  2. Mephisto2SSRS
    07-19-2009 06:39 PM
    sorry to bother you pfflyer but ive been following your analysis of the M6 SS 4D situation that i am in with you. Unfortunately for me my serial number 20050 and my car was built on 6/19 so i am likely in some sort of more serious lockdown than you in the 23000's. My question is, because i have an update on the list at 7/6, does that mean i have moved along the checkpoints you speak of? I know you cant give me an specific answers i was just looking for some speculation from you as you seem to have more of a handle of the situation. whenever you get a chance. Of course there will be an update tomorrow morning, im just trying to get a handle on what is going on here.

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