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Conversation Between hognutz and Thyshallsmite
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  1. hognutz
    04-15-2012 11:26 AM
    the thing you forgeting is chasis setup. once you build a car that goes fast it won't launch strait/ consistent. I have never had a car faster than high 9's and many days of setup and part tweeks were required to get the car to leave consistant. Then there muliple part breakages to get the car to reliably sustain those passes without break down.

    like I said real world Vs fantasy word. At a real track safty/tech inspection must be met to actually run there as well. once you break into the 8's you will get kicked off any track you go to unless you have full cage, rear power disconect, fuel cell, etc etc.

    So yes you could get to the HP required to run 8's for 60k but you will never have a car you can legally run at the track for 60k.
  2. Thyshallsmite
    04-14-2012 05:41 PM
    Not filling like spamming the thread anymore so thought i'd just message ya. So need around 1300hp to break into 8s. Which would require LSX454 as the base which is around 10grand, a F-1X which is around 8grand and a nitrous system(around a grand) + variety of supporting mods see no reason why ya couldn't get a 1300hp car for around 60k. Personally i don't have the play money for a unwarranted car, but don't see why its impossible.

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