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Conversation Between Rangore and SSE 4 2SS
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  1. Rangore
    11-18-2011 10:49 AM
    That's a cool name. I hear that they get old faster than small dogs....that 12 is getting very old for a Mastiff. I love our Rufus...he's a cool dog. He's still young, but a good dog. He listens very well, and doesn't run off. This is my first giant breed dog. It's definitely a committment to have such a large dog. Everything is much more expensive.

    Reverse brindle...I've never seen that...sounds interesting.
  2. SSE 4 2SS
    11-17-2011 09:11 PM
    SSE 4 2SS
    Cool Deal... My inlaws bred Mastiffs for a while, and one of my favorite looks was the reverse Brindle... Amazing dogs... Satch is nine now, still doing well other than being alergic to everything... He pretty much lives on steroids, antibiotics, and allergy shots... He's a happy dog though...
  3. Rangore
    11-17-2011 08:48 PM
    Pretty dog. We have a Brindle colored English Mastiff....named Rufus. He's only 22 months old.

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