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Conversation Between nol300 and tom692010
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  1. tom692010
    08-27-2009 12:28 PM
    Hey there how have things been going? I have a question. I'm having an issue with my car not shifting into 3rd whe I'm driving aggressive. I read on the Camaro5 forum that this has been an issue with several cars. Have you heard about this? Is there something in the GM data base about similar problems. One poster from TX said it was his syncro and it was replaces. He took it to a dealer in Deer Park Tx. Unfortunately this is the third issue I've had with my car, very disappointing. Strange thing is if not driven aggressively I don't notice it. But why would I get a 426 hp car if I'm going to drive it like wuss.
  2. tom692010
    06-16-2009 11:12 AM
    At least I know where your at. I'm probably hooking up the 27th with Larry and another Camaro5 poster. Maybe we'll hit you up.
  3. tom692010
    06-15-2009 10:00 AM
    Geez I was at a track meet out at Hinkley Hs. Made a trun to stop at Burger king and drove right past your place. Unfortunately I didn't have the car otherwise I would have stopped. It was Saturday though you might not have been there.
  4. tom692010
    06-11-2009 09:23 AM
    It showed up at 5:30 last night. They are working on it today and I will have it just intime to pull it into my garage to avoid the afternoon hail storms
  5. tom692010
    06-08-2009 05:04 PM
    It's off the rail and on a truck for delivery tomnorrow!
  6. tom692010
    06-01-2009 11:26 PM
    I meet with the dealer tomorrow to go over price and financing. I want to be able to go in with check in hand and walk.opp's drive out a happy man! He said he has invoice and bank only needs a buyers agreement. This part's almost as bad as the wait it's self.
  7. tom692010
    06-01-2009 07:29 AM
    Tom, your vin is #2g1fs1ew6a9112115 Transit date 6/8/09 from Oshuwa plant.

    My latest message from the dealer. Does this mean it's leaving the plant on the 8th?
  8. tom692010
    05-22-2009 08:58 AM
    I'm having trouble with messages so I registered again under the name 69beast. So when you get a PM from 69beast it is me. I've not recieved messages for several days and then I went hunting and found some. But they aren't showing up where they used to. I can fix multi million dollar machines but a little computer kicks my azz!
  9. tom692010
    05-20-2009 11:13 PM
    Ok I saw your response you found it.
    My salesmen called today to tell me the updates come on tuesday and thursday and he'll call Friday. Is it diffucult to get the work bench info? just curious because there is another guy I'm conversing with who placed his order at Hajek like me. He said he's not been able to get info from his salesmen either. He's thinking they just aren't up to speed on how to get this info. Isn't this the same proceedure you would go through for any car ordered? thanks again for your help. I bet you tell me I'm at 3800 before my guy does.Once I get mine I'll come down and visit you and bring you a beverage or two
  10. tom692010
    05-20-2009 07:30 PM
    did you find it?

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