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Conversation Between Pro Stock John and Lnch Mny
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  1. Pro Stock John
    03-14-2014 04:07 PM
    Pro Stock John
    Yes I have ADM cooler. You need some sort of cooler. Yes you would a tune for either. If I compare a 3200 stall + drag radials vs 3.91 + drag radials..... 3200 stall combo should run quicker at the track... I hope to go 11.8 next time. Gear does help our cars but I was 12.37 in zero da before gear, and that gear would only help me to a 12.2 I think. I'm at 12.0 with traction issues. But the 3.91's would be more fun from a roll, like a 60-65 roll [I think].
  2. Lnch Mny
    03-12-2014 11:49 AM
    Lnch Mny
    John, I like your car set up. Did you end up putting a trans cooler on for your 3200 stall? I'm not sure what to do next in terms of stall or 3.91 gears. I would like to do a 3200 stall like you have, but do I need a trans cooler too? Do we need a tune for a stall? I know that the 3.91 gears need a tune afterwards. I am open to any advice on these 2 mods.

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