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Camaro Freak 02-08-2011 07:57 PM

Third Gen help needed.
I am thinking about buying a 1991 z28 Camaro with a tuned-port 305 V8. It is a manual transmission with new clutch and pressure plate. The only thing wrong with it is it needs a new fuel pump. The guy said he had put a new after market fuel pump on it from Auto Zone. But now he can drive the car for about 12-15 miles and it shuts off. Said he called the Chevrolet dealership and they told him that it had to have the GM fuel pump to work properly and that was the problem. He said I could get one of them from the dealership for around $168.
I know nothing about third gen Camaros, just wanted to see if this sounded like the problem to you guys?? The guy I am buying it from is strapped for cash and is a friend of mine. Just curious that this is really the problem. Please help!!!!

Iroczlover 02-08-2011 08:04 PM

The fuel pump is in the tank they may of not of gotten all the stuff conectted right. it could also be a fuel filter which is under the drivers side door.

but as far as the Dealership saying you have to buy one from them, THEY ARE FULL OF ENGINE OIL, that hasnt been cleaned in 50yrs. lol.

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