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BlackMamba88 06-30-2012 07:30 PM

Love how it looks at night, reminds me more of a car that would be parked on the bad side of Gothic City:headbang:

Falundir 06-30-2012 07:32 PM


Originally Posted by GRAHL (Post 5218392)
is that the stock exhaust? Damn that sounds meaner than the other's i've heard.

This is the car to rule all cars, forged from the fires of ..... sorry got carried away.

SixCyl 06-30-2012 08:29 PM

Also it reminded me of this: This is in my town btw.

nealdiwes 06-30-2012 08:35 PM

It AIN'T Happening.

Caswell239 06-30-2012 09:13 PM

howd they get a zl1 to do that to?

camaro_RS 06-30-2012 09:18 PM

That thing is crazy cool looking!

molloni 06-30-2012 09:36 PM

I like it. I have to check the links, but does it glow? That would be really something! I'm also a fan of both TRON movies.

menendez1293 06-30-2012 11:32 PM


Originally Posted by pyr0b0y (Post 5218295)
We were actually looking at getting those or the tron edition spy glasses, but found a neat set that said "TURBO" that we got instead. My girlfriend and I also dyed out hair light blue to match the accent color, and our clothes were all blue and gold. I'll see if I can find some pics

Nice. I actually have a pair of tron Gascans. would have been perfect for that car. how much longer are you going to keep it with the tron wrap?

Camaro_hx 06-30-2012 11:38 PM


Originally Posted by Kite31 (Post 5218115)
I want to like it but I can't. :[

L0oL! ..
na, its cool!

sasquash1984 06-30-2012 11:45 PM

I'm not into tron.....however I love the look

Maniature 06-30-2012 11:57 PM

huh when did i make this thread O_o?

Hellfighter 07-01-2012 12:14 AM

fugly looking car, stop turning camaros into S*** looking rice wagons...

pyr0b0y 07-01-2012 12:36 AM


Originally Posted by Hellfighter (Post 5219497)
fugly looking car, stop turning camaros into S*** looking rice wagons...

Obviously you don't know s*** about rice wagons lol. 803whp through TTs is the total opposite of rice. this one will blow even your doors off! It's a freaking wrap buddy, and pictures dont do it justice. Its a brushed steel metallic blue. Looks amazing in the sun due to the reflection and texture, and almost matte black at night, accenting the lighter blue even more.

btw.....Hell MotherF'ing Ya! Made the home page!

Teamradrz1 07-01-2012 12:56 AM

Don't be offended by people's comments, you can't/won't please everyone so do what pleases you. I have done simple mods and I get the OMG I can't believe you did this or that, I don't care I think it's cool and that's all that matters. Enjoy your ride, I think it looks sweet!

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