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katsman 03-26-2012 06:46 AM

no stabilitrak after header install
I had to undo the steering shaft to installed long tube ARH. I got a service stabilitrak and o2 sensor codes CEL.After searching this sight I
determined I had rotated the steering shaft trying to get it installed.
I took the shaft apart twice and rotated it before the stabilitak light
would stay off.I thought I had the problem solved but now on start up
my dash lights say stabiltrak off. The stabilitrak button does not do
anything and seems a to have no power to it.I tried to find a fuse or relay for this but no luck.I took out all of spark plugs and checked for damaged and they look ok.I also checked all header bolts and exhaust
and seem to be no leaks.I have been on this forum looking for a solution
and I now thinking that I might have did something to the spring or the
wheel angle sensor in the steering wheel. Could the sensor in the wheel
become unplugged by rotating the wheel to much.Can I take off the wheel and maybe do something with the spring or sensor.
I cannot find any thing on this sight that tells me why I would have no stabilitrak and no service stabilitrak warning light. I purchased the JRE SCT programmer and when installed I hope it will eliminate the codes.
I also have a CAI,Air Scoop, RX Catch Can,Magnaflow cat back street series exhaust on my L99.I do have a trinity programmer that shows the
codes P0056, P0160,P0161.The reason I purshased the SCT is to get the
transmission tune.It is great that you can go to a sight like this and find solutions to a problem.

MA2010SS 03-26-2012 06:52 AM

Re-check your plug wires and make sure they are all seated into the plugs, stabilitrak system works in conjunction with the ignition system, loose plug wire will cause a stabilitrak light to come on, also a cracked plug could cause that. The rear O2's will have to be tuned out also to get rid of those codes. Hope this helps :thumbsup:

katsman 03-26-2012 07:35 AM

Checked all wires and they are seated properly and like I said I did remove and check the plugs.

MA2010SS 03-26-2012 08:06 AM

You might have to find someone with tech 2, that will be able to read all of the sensor inputs of the vehicle, sct and code readers for the most part will only read engine and transmission CEL's...basically it is a guessing game without tech 2 which read ABS, stabliltrac etc systems

katsman 03-26-2012 08:29 AM

Thats good. It did ocurr to me that I needed a scanner that would give
more information. THANKS

katsman 03-26-2012 09:35 AM

The light is not on .The stabilitrak switch does not function.The lights that briefly come on during start up say stabilitrak turned off. I cannot get my stabilitrak to turn on. The engine seems to working fine.It does not seem to be misfiring.When I removed the plugs they looked good.

MA2010SS 03-26-2012 09:53 AM


Originally Posted by The LSX Dr. (Post 4705320)
The Tech2 does not work on the Camaro.

Most likely you have a plug wire issue if the Stabilitrak light is on.

Weird, I use a friends tech 2 scanner and I was able to read wheel sensors, not all tech 2 are the same either, he does have a professional version which was close to $4K for the scanner, his is updated through 2011 vehicles, does not have 2012 vehicles yet


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