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acscamarochick06 02-06-2008 07:03 PM

Tornados in February?!
I don't know how many of the people from the site are around our area, but tornados tore up cities and towns from Arkansas all the way up into Kentucky. The same storm cell started in Memphis, TN and worked it's way up to Tompkinsville, KY. There have been 4 deaths reported so far in our county alone, and there are still a couple of people that are missing. It was a long and rocky night for a lot of people, but it definitely could have been worse. One tornado touched down in Hartsville, TN and caused a natural gas fire at the Columbia Gulf Transmission company. The fire was so big it could be seen 50 miles away! It looked so close to my house, we were afraid a house right down the road was on fire. We tried calling 911 but they were so backed up no one even answered! A tornado went right over my boyfriend's sister's house and missed them by a quarter mile. Where it touched down, there is a completely bare spot with no trees or anything.

Please remember the families of the victims of these storms. With such crazy weather like this in February, it makes you wonder what the Spring will hold for us!

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