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drchevy1 10-19-2009 10:01 AM

ZL575 - SLP Camaro 4 Sale
We are now taking orders for the ZL575 - SLP Camaro.
It has a Supercharged LS3 426HP 6 Speed Manual transmission.
The High Rear deck Fuctional Spoiler and Hood Scoop, from what we have learned on Camro5 this will be the New Z28 Look!

2010 SUPERCHARGED Camaro® ZL575
SLP TVS 2300 High-Output Supercharger Assembly
SLP PowerFlo® Axle-Back Exhaust System with 4″ Dual Wall Tips
SLP Blackwing® Cold Air Induction System
SLP Modified Stock Engine Cover with 575HP Badging
SLP Sport Suspension Package (Lowers Vehicle 1″ Front & Rear)
SLP RTM Hood with Functional Heat Extractor Scoop* & Fascia Closeout Panel (*Patent Pending)
SLP Rear Spoiler Painted Body Color
SLP 20″ 5-Spoke Red Line Wheels with Machined Spoke Face & ZL® Center Caps
Rear Tail Light Panel Painted Gloss Black
Rear Quarter Panel Gill Insert Decals in Gloss Black
Three OEM-Quality ZL575 Supercharged Fender & Rear Deck Lid Badges
ZL575 Supercharged Logo Embroidered Premium Front Floor Mats
ZL575 Supercharged Logo Embroidered Front Headrests
ZL575 Supercharged Logo Car Cover
ZL575 Supercharged Sequentially Numbered (1-250) Dash Plaque (1) & Key Fobs (2)
Leather (Faux) Bound Portfolio, Owner’s Manual, Birth Certificate & Window Sticker
Additional CONTENT
Heritage-Style SS® Badging for Grille and Rear Tail Light Panel *GM Official Licensed Product
SLP Front Grille Insert; provides landing pad for SS® badging
Rally-Style Dual Painted Stripes (Gloss Finish on hood, decklid & spoiler)
Heritage-Style Painted Hockey Stick Side Stripes (Gloss Finish) White Hugger Orange
Brembo Sport Disc Brake Package Includes; Cross-Drilled Discs Front & Rear –
Brembo GT Front Brake Package Includes; 6-Piston Front Calipers and Two-Piece 15″ Front Discs

tradosaurus 10-19-2009 10:53 AM

Must be way beyond my pay grade if you are not listing the price.

Hoss 10-19-2009 11:25 AM

Don't tease you got a website and how much money! :sm0:

talwell 10-19-2009 12:15 PM

To list here you must provide a price - no listing without prices.

drchevy1 10-21-2009 10:25 AM

First of All, I do not have to list a price on here to post....
#2 I completely forgot to list the price.
#3 We estimate it at $80,000 MSRP because we were told they are making only 250 of them with General Motors.

#4 I want you to commit and customize the car the way you want it, so the price is completely negotiable.....

If I order it to my specs, it will have everything and be white with the hugger orange stripes or a reverse bumblebee (Black with Yellow Stripes)
Base 2ss 6 speed Camaro, with about $40,000 in upgrades. Only High select dealers will be able to order them.
Since I am the President of the South Dakota Camaro Club, I was one of the first approached.

talwell 10-21-2009 11:23 AM

SLP has always been known to deliver good quality products - but with the pricing on the packages they are offering I think they will have a very difficult time selling 25 cars - no less 250. When the car is priced comparable or higher than the Z06 Corvette it just will never sell. The Camaro cannot compete in that price class and there will be very few buyers to sell to.

drchevy1 10-22-2009 08:22 AM

We have already sold a $60,000 Camaro, factory stock with all the options, and If you ride and drive one with the Z06 right after the Camaro, the handling and response is much better on the road course. The vette does better on the track course. I honestly look for these to be the ones that are going to be the collectors cars, considering the Z28 with options will be pretty darn close to this as well. Yet it is 2 years away. Heck I already have 7 preorders for the convertible and cannot even order one yet.

ExTurbo 10-22-2009 08:56 AM

you really think GM will price the Z/28 close to 80 grand? They have to come in BELOW the CTS-V which MSRP's for around 60. To be honest if the Z/28 priced out any higher than 50K id be genuinely suprised.

Not saying there arent people out there who will pay 80 grand for an SLP camaro, some people have more money than brains i guess.

Russo 10-22-2009 09:13 AM

this thread should be moved here:

side note; i wonder why these don't come with SLP headers and xpipe too?

drchevy1 10-28-2009 02:15 PM

We actually speced out the car, and it will be $68,000 MSRP. Thanks to all of you on here, we have decided as a dealer to pass on it. I think you guys are right, a $70k Camaro is just too much.
After speaking with a few insiders, expect the Z28 to be hopefully around $50.....

cliffy 10-28-2009 02:37 PM

If Don Yenko were still alive and dropping in LS7's and track suspension you bet I'd pay big money for the Camaro. Yenko, Dana, Baldwin, Nickey mean a lot more to me than SLP and HPE, as I am sure it does to alot of others. The new guys are doing some good work, but will it stand the test of time or is it just money wasted you'll never get back. I think I know the answer.......LOL

SS4Fun 11-09-2009 01:02 PM

Here's the link with the SLP brochure and pricing....

Try more like $22,995 plus the price of the camaro 2SS. Since SLP is replacing with wheels no need to upgrade from the standard wheel package.

camarosss 11-11-2009 10:44 AM

How did SLP get the name ZL from GM? The ZL-1 is one of the most valuable camaros of all time. And letting another company use the ZL name should not be happening. Chevrolet needs to step up to the plate and use the ZL, COPO names and factory produce these cars for future value to the consumer (US). SLP didn't ad ZR1 to the Corvette, GM did and look at what its worth. All of these aftermarket company's are jumping on the 5th gen ban wagon and killing the history of these camaros. I'm a big camaro fan and own one 1st gen and four 4th gens and will inquire a special 5th gen or two but only if GM produces it, like the Z28. And only if its what they say it will be. GM has all the potential in the world to build these special camaros. Nickey is the only company I see so far that is rewriting the history of these cars and to me SO FAR will be the only camaros that will hold and grow in value. Don't get me wrong.... all the things that I've seen done to these 5th gens are cool but will they ever hold value like a factory built ZL or COPO? If only Don Yenko, Dick Harrell or Fredd Gibb were alive today we would see these cars done the way they should be. SLP to me means aftermarket and a aftermarket ZL is just unheard of.

cliffy 11-11-2009 11:27 AM

It really is dizzying to comprehend what is going on with these aftermarket companies that are trying to hitch their star to GM and make entire converted cars available through Chevy dealers. This leads to a PERCEPTION that this is a GM Official Product or in partnership with GM. I think nothing could be further from the truth, hence the need for these outfits to offer a separate warranty on the conversion

It would be interesting to hear from dealers who are participating in these programs their take on it. To me this whole deal is misleading and in not in keeping with the way a dealer such as Yenko did it. For the most part, at least in the 1969 model year, Camaros came from the factory with the hotrod engine and special handling package. Yenko just added the other bits such as tach and emblems. To me that is why Yenkos and other factory ordered COPOS are have such value from yesteryear.

I am personally tired of all these Supercharger Shops trying to lend GM legitimacy to their cars because they can be ordered through a Chevy dealer.
What say you??

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