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camarogrl42 08-27-2007 05:06 PM

first car!!
hey guys! haven't been on in quite a while. i've been getting my driving hours in :rolleyes: i need all the advice i can get. i started thinking about my first car, and thanks to dragoneye:p , i've been saving every penny i have to hopefully be able to get my hands on a camaro :D i've been looking at a few but i would love to have some help from you camaro5 experts. i'm looking at used....idk about anyone on here but my parents have no intention on buying me a 58,000 range rover as a first car:laugh: what would you guys say should be the cut off on mileage. i'm smart enough to know not to buy one with 250,000 miles on it for 10 grand but what do you guys think? i'd love to hear anything you guys think about buying used cars and such!

Mindz 08-27-2007 05:26 PM

It really depends on what type of car you want. I'm personally in the market for a little cheap (7 grand ish) beater that's reliable to get me from point A to point B while I save all my extra cash for the camaro. Brands I was looking at are Mazda, Chevy, and Toyota. I'm looking for something like a Corolla, Protege or Aveo.

My first car was a 1988 Toyota 4 runner with removeable top. It was fun to drive and had a great stereo that I installed,

Then it was a 97 Mazda protege, a 1987 Ford Bronco XLT eddie bauer optioned, then my 97 mitsu eclipse rs. All are pretty inexpensive but I liked my eclipse most. Problem is my eclipse has a dodge neon engine, but I've taken good care of it and am hitting 150k miles here in a few months with no problems at all. It's a blast to drive as well!

acscamarochick06 08-27-2007 06:19 PM

I got my Camaro with 32,000 miles for $10,872. (Yeah, it was my first car, so I remembered haha) Fortunate for me, my grandparents bought me my car for my Christmas present. But there are some pretty good deals if you go look on I did a search on Camaros on there and found some great buys. I picked out a Z28 but they sold it the week before I told them I would come to look at it and, hopefully, buy it. :( So I found my car in Evansville, Indiana at Kenny Kent Chevrolet (VERY nice people, btw!)

Shop around at,, etc. You can find all sorts of good buys if you don't mind driving a little ways to look and buy! :)

Good luck!

camarogrl42 08-27-2007 08:10 PM

i justtttt looked at autotrader and found one im very very VERY fond of. but then again. i dont have 13,000 dollars on my hands

what do you guys think of it. hahahah. ohhh but theres no way i could ever get that kind of money....

Mindz 08-27-2007 08:19 PM

Do you really wanna spend over bluebook for a customized car. When people customize the powertrain, they want to do it to drive it hard. I'd find a stock one and customize it yourself personally.

Dunno if the link will work but the main thing is...





Mr. Wyndham 08-27-2007 10:13 PM

I hate to be a damper, but depending on how your insurance works - Sports cars can be a drain; especially for younger drivers. :iono: I thought I should put that out there.

MerF 08-28-2007 01:34 PM

Seriously? Buy a 5-speed Honda or Volkswagon. early to mid-90's years were all very decent cars and can be FUN learner cars.

Hell, I got my 1996 Jetta 5-speed for $1,000 (from a friend when I was in dire need)...but those deals are out there if you look for them. Trust me, whatever car you get is not going to be the one you keep, so why blwo money on something now when you could save up while you learn how to drive this one (read: break it)!?

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