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jamie 11-07-2011 07:10 PM

H-13 Bi Xenon Kit for sale.
So I have had a 6000K Bi Xenon Conversion kit in my car for well over a year, but an officer tonight decided to pull me over and tell me that the Lights I have are TOO BLUE and are indeed illegal. West Bloomfield, MI. Not cop bashing here, evidently the guy's just doing his job. Anyone else having this issue? I mean they are a little blue, but not overwhelmingly bright like others I have seen.

This just sucks as I have to remove the kit to have the ticket expunged. Anyone in the market for a Bi Xenon kit? All wiring, bulbs and I even have an extra bulb and Ballast (just in case one goes bad). Size H-13, 6000K color. And yes this is a BiXenon meaning brights work too not just low beams.

Its a Chinese/Japanese made kit. (New was $95 plus shipping). Not including the extra bulb or Ballast which was another $30. Not one of the high end AAC kits (Sorry if you got your hopes up) Willing to let it go for $70 plus shipping)

I can take pictures if anyone is interested (They are brighter than stock, but never had issues like this before, but I know I will have problems, if I re install them afterwards, so this can be a deal for someone here if anyone is interested. PM me... if interested. (Paypal account will be used)

I am not a dealer so this is the only one I have. Once its gone, its gone.

Figured I'd offer it up first before throwing it on E-bay.

Make me an offer

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