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Mr. Wyndham 06-04-2008 01:11 PM

GM picks up MORE quality awards.

By Jamie Hresko
GM Vice President, Quality

There are many gate-checks, so to speak, here at GM when it comes to quality. However, the ones that matter most to you, the customer, the driver, are the external measures that tell you if we’re all wet or if we’re running hard and clean. Today, J.D. Power & Associates announced its Initial Quality Survey results. I won’t re-iterate the content of the press release.
I will take the opportunity to point out that J.D. Power is not only a third party source, but the data comes from vehicle owners – the people who drive the cars day in and day out. Essentially, they’re sharing their hindsight.

Confirming they made a great purchase or admitting that they were oversold. You can read the release for yourself, here.

Now, I do want to share with you the story behind the numbers. As I mentioned in my last post, there is far more to the quality story than initial quality. However, today is about initial quality …

We’re very excited to lead the ultra-competitive mid-size car segment, large pickup segment and the large car segment with the all-new Chevrolet Malibu, the Chevrolet Silverado LD and the Pontiac Grand Prix. Additionally, we’re also excited for the Fairfax Assembly Center and its Bronze Plant Quality Award win. This award represents great commitment and hard work by the team in Kansas. In the case of the Chevrolet Silverado and Pontiac Grand Prix, these are two solid products that are serving their brands well.

As a parent, I never favor one kid over another – although my kids would probably disagree. However, I’d like to focus a little bit here on our new kid the Chevy Malibu. The Malibu’s win is significant. Looking at the industry, it’s true that the quality of new vehicle launches is improving. However, the quality of the new Malibu is exceptional – as evidenced by the distinction of being named a J.D. Power midsize car segment winner. This is big. It’s big because in its first year, the Chevrolet Malibu was right … straight out of the gate. So, what does this really mean? It means we are moving in the right direction. We know what to do, how to do it. Now, we need to apply it to vehicles. And we are …

In 2007, quite embarrassingly, none of our brands ranked above industry average. This year, however, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Pontiac and Buick – which represent 82 percent of the cars and trucks we sell -- ranked above industry average. If you ask me, that’s pretty darn good! Is it enough? Is any of this enough? No, of course not. But it’s good progress. I’ll take it and keep forging ahead. Wouldn’t you?
Score another one for the home team!! :headbang:
Also, kudos go out to Ford and Dodge for their segment awards.

MerF 06-04-2008 02:13 PM

Kick ass.

chadrcr 06-04-2008 02:34 PM

go GM

1bad67camaro 06-04-2008 02:48 PM


NOODLESgoneWILD 06-04-2008 06:14 PM

WAY TO GO GM:clap:

these were the winners.:respekt:
Chevrolet (Malibu and Silverado LD); Pontiac Grand Prix Sedan:drinking:

If they were handing out Come Back Car of the Century...the Malibu would win hands down...:bow: I love what they did to it!:bow:

TAG UR IT 06-05-2008 12:19 AM

I talk cars to my buddies all the time. One of my buds uncles just got into a new Malibu and can't stop raving about it. I was like, "I told ya so...." lol!!!

Great job, GM!!!!!!!!!!

DGthe3 06-05-2008 09:55 AM

other results for problems per 100 vehicles:
5th -Toyota 105
6th Mercury 109
7th Honda 100
8th Ford 112
11th Cadillac 113
12th Chevrolet 113
14th Pontiac 114
15th Lincoln 115
16th Buick 118
Industry Average 118
28th Dodge 141
29th Chrysler 143
35th Jeep 167 (last place)

From all this we can conclude a few things. Chrysler Corp needs to step things up. The worst vehicles only have 2x as many problems as the best. Chevy and Ford are within 10% of Toyota and Honda for pp100, which practically eliminates the quality gap between them. 5 Asian brands were above average, 8 were below. 6 North Americian brands were above, 6 were below (domestic owned euro brands not included).

Mr. Wyndham 06-05-2008 10:12 AM

Where'd you find those stats, DGthe3, and where's Hyundai on the list?

...I'm trying to get my friend into a Cobalt (one of his choices), but he's being pushed into getting a Hyundai Accent because "foreign cars are better.".:barf:

I need some ammo.

Camaro_Corvette 06-05-2008 10:22 AM

Yeah i hate it when people pull the quality card when it comes to toyota vs GM. The quality difference is just not enough to base your decision on it alone. Especially when GM's quality is getting better, and toyota is struggling to keep the same quality level(at least the last time i checked which was a year ago).

:barf: a hyundai accent..sick!

Mr. Wyndham 06-05-2008 10:47 AM



Best midsize car ranking shows GM on right track
June 5, 2008

GM's strategic shift to build more fuel-efficient cars got an early endorsement Wednesday when the hot-selling Chevrolet Malibu was recognized as the highest-quality midsize sedan on the market.

The highly regarded J. D. Power Initial Quality Study held other good news for GM, but also shows how far the automaker must go to challenge leading cars from other automakers.

The good: Cadillac and Chevrolet moved into the top 10 among all brands, and GM's Pontiac and Buick brands joined them in the upper half of the industry. Those four beat Acura, BMW, Nissan, Scion, Volkswagen, Volvo and other highly regarded brands.

The bad: GM can't even sniff leadership in compact and subcompact cars -- market segments where it desperately needs to improve and just announced two new cars for Chevrolet.

Beyond that, GMC and Saturn ranked in the bottom half of the industry, and the number of problems owners reported in new Saturns rose dramatically.

The Malibu's achievement is most significant. GM has been an also-ran in midsize cars for years. The fact that the Malibu rolled straight out of the factory into first place -- and an even more impressive fourth-best among all vehicles of all prices -- validates GM's new emphasis on cars.

GM plans to reduce its reliance on trucks, but the Chevrolet Silverado's status as the highest quality full-size pickup is another big win for the brand. Even as Americans switch to smaller vehicles, pickups and midsize sedans are likely to remain the best-selling vehicles. Chevrolet needs a strong position in both.

GM topped three car segments in the survey and tied with Toyota for the most by any automaker.

Saturn's drop is a major disappointment, but J.D. Power's chief of research blamed it on a hectic 18 months in which the brand replaced all its vehicles with new models.

"I'd be very surprised if we don't see both brands improve rapidly," Dave Sargent told the Automotive Press Association about Saturn and GMC on Wednesday.

GM will then have to prove the new compact and subcompact cars it just announced Chevrolet will get in 2010 can match the Malibu's appeal and quality.

A full line of cars as good as the Malibu could put GM on the road to success it hasn't known in decades.

The 2008 J.D. Power Initial Quality Study shows that GM has at least started in the right direction.
Detroit Free Press

DGthe3 06-06-2008 09:43 AM


Originally Posted by Dragoneye (Post 75848)
Where'd you find those stats, DGthe3, and where's Hyundai on the list?

...I'm trying to get my friend into a Cobalt (one of his choices), but he's being pushed into getting a Hyundai Accent because "foreign cars are better.".:barf:

I need some ammo.

its near the bottom of that IQS link, its the big blue chart

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