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Gatowuero 06-10-2018 05:09 PM

Problem With Halo led Lights Install
First and foremost I am a newbie in all aspects, to this forum, owning a Camaro (got it a month ago), and installing leds so please bare with me. I tried searching my issue everywhere and cant seem to find a solution. So hopefully you guys can help me out!

Now to my problem:

I have a 2011 Camaro LT and when I first got it, it had halo led strips on both the fogs and the headlights in which the previous for some reason cut the cables. After a bit of research I figured why not just buy a controller. This is the controller i got here
seemed pretty simple. Everything worked correctly but then i turned the car on and for some reason they turn off. The controller shows it has power but the little remote no longer works. I thought it may be a controller problem so i bought another one and nothing. I've connected the positive wire to the the bolt in front of the fuse box like everyone else on this forum has done for leds and my ground is connected to a bolt under the front side panel. Im going to try connecting directly to the battery soon to see what that does but I cant seem to figure out the problem, I tried fusing it using a different ground connecting only one color and nothing. every time i start the car the controller just stops responding.:frusty: I appreciate your help guys!!

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