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Tran 12-20-2010 08:59 AM

2012 Chevy Camaro Z28 Spotted In Winter Testing
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The 2012 Camaro Z28 is currently undergoing winter prototype testing. Not much new is revealed on this particular test prototype, but it's great seeing the Z28 continuing its testing, towards its introduction sometime in 2011.

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Leolee 12-20-2010 09:24 AM

nice find! hmm i dont see camaro or supercharged or anything on the side fender

CamaroMiami 12-20-2010 09:24 AM

Thanks for the pic. :popcorn: I'm saving for the reality of the Z28.

BeckyD@JamesMartinChevy 12-20-2010 09:25 AM

At some point, they will catch it..
without the front mask..:thumbsup:

radz28 12-20-2010 09:41 AM

Hardcore! ;):D:)

XxDooMxX 12-20-2010 09:47 AM

Nice Pic
Damn I Love This Monster!!!:D
This is gonna be mine sooner or later..Keep it up Z28:popcorn:

shawn18 12-20-2010 09:48 AM

It would be awesome to own one of these cars, but I doubt I ever will. I will have my SS and I guess that will have to suffice:rolleyes: I will keep an eye on this section to see this car develop and eventually hit the streets!

SilverTurtle 12-20-2010 09:52 AM


armysig 12-20-2010 10:02 AM

Good to see that they're doing some enviromental testing. :clap:

PeeBee 12-20-2010 10:04 AM

WANT !!! ;D

DZ28 12-20-2010 10:11 AM

Brings a tear to the eye seeing that puppy in the snow...

Albion 12-20-2010 10:25 AM

Whilst i live in the u.k.If i can find a buyer for my 1SS,which is'nt a foregone conclusion with gas at 1.27 per litre,i will be banging down a deposit,as soon as the release is confirmed.
If i fail,i will jus' go see Kennee-Bell,pass over the dough and pretend i got one anyway.

Mr.Magoo 12-20-2010 10:27 AM

You only go around once. At 60+, sign me up.

Sawyer 12-20-2010 10:49 AM


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