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Xade 10-15-2012 09:10 PM

It's time for some modding
Hi guys, I drive an LLT M6 Camaro and I want to get some more power out of it. I have been reading this forum for a long time and I have some questions for you and the vendors. All I have done to my car so far is an MRT v1 axleback and Eibach springs and sways.

This is the list of mods that i have in mind:

Cai intake with the scoop and washer kit relocator

Vmax ported tb - How does the core charge work? How much time do I have to ship my tb and get the $200 back?

Rx catch can and breather (I should have done this a long time ago from what I've been reading)

Ported intake manifold - I see that RX and MACE offer this product; which one shows the best gains when coupled with the manifold insulator? What are the prices? How does the core charge work for this product? If I buy the ported IM from one of these two companies with the corresponding manifold insulator, are the IM and insulator going to be port matched before I receive them? Does this mod require port matching the heads to get good results or is still worth it?

Manifold insulator - same as above: does it need to be matched to the ported IM or it comes ready to plug and play if I buy both at the same time from the same company? What about the gasket matching?

A second round of mods will be:

BBK LT headers with high flows - should I get the stainless steel ones? Do I need the after cat pipes from BBK or the stock pipes are good? Does it get raspy even with the Magnaflow resonated xpipe (I couldn't find videos for my setup - mrt v1)?

Magnaflow resonanted xpipe - do i need welding for this and the headers or clamps are fine?

Trifecta tune - where can I buy this? I read it's 400$, does it come with the OBD cable or will that be an additional cost?

I plan on installing all of these goodies by myself with the help of a good friend.

Do you have any suggestions for any of these or additional mods?

I apologize for all these questions, I like to do a good research before I pull the trigger. Thanks for your time and help! :thumbup:

And here is a picture of my car


Lil' Nasty 10-15-2012 09:34 PM

For a CAI i would recommend CAI inc...great sound and gains improvement from my butt dyno along with the scoop ADM

I believe you buy the Ported TB and when you get it, you ship it back and they refund the 200$ i personally wanted to keep my Stock TB and purchased one for 90$ and shipped it too RX so you can save money there but thats just me

The Catch can and breather should've been my first mod...and would recommend getting that first

The only dyno i saw is the Mace ported manifold by itself about 16 rwhp and 13Tq and then the ported manifold + the 1" spacer was about 33 hp 31 tq but both are great companies and produce great products

You can have it gasket matched but it depends on if you want the most gains or whatever....but its ready to go when you get it

I have actually have the Ceramic BBK's and MRT V1's....ceramic imo is what you should get....lower temps (Which is good for performance obviously) and looks great...not to mention its cheaper than SS

I would get the Magnaflow x Pipe new setup is a little raspy but i kinda like it :iono: it can be clamped but its you're call

Wait for the BNRacing black friday get the tune AND cable for 300$ shipped originally 315 for the tune and 150 for the cable...

nice car btw :cool:

Yellow_Glide 10-15-2012 10:06 PM

Xade that's a good start, you'll be please with the results.

Xade 10-16-2012 10:01 AM

Awesome, thanks for the suggestions! :w00t: I'll contact some of the vendors and see what deals I can get.

CrzyGamr2 10-16-2012 12:05 PM

Tracy from RX performance can you get three things on your list. I've got stuff from him on my car and had his shop install it. The return time varies for the core throttle body, so just search around. I was immediately happy with what I had done and noticed the improvement as soon as I got back in the car.

10RsCamaro 10-16-2012 10:02 PM

Member since 2010 and first time to post :) I recomend since you already have a axleback go:

Any questions shoot me a pm!

kuzman89 10-16-2012 10:38 PM

I'd go the mace insulator, works much better at low/mid range rpm where you spend 90% of your time. Low end torque was amazing after fitting one of these.

lscamaro 10-16-2012 10:42 PM


Originally Posted by kuzman89 (Post 5703051)
I'd go the mace insulator, works much better at low/mid range rpm where you spend 90% of your time. Low end torque was amazing after fitting one of these.

:word: I love the low end torque on mine. It also pulls hard all the way to redline so it's a win win for me. It's also been proven on the dyno by both the company and members who did independent testing. Pair that with the MACE Ported Intake Manifold and it's pure bliss!

Xade 10-27-2012 05:24 PM

Thanks everybody for the suggestions!

Today my buddy and I installed the following:

CAI intake
Apex scoop and washer relocation kit
RX catch can and breather
Black Ice manifold insulator

I'm waiting for the VMAX ported throttle body to get shipped and it will go in along with the Hurst short throw shifter :)

I attach a picture of the before and after for my car's engine bay

I'll probably do headers with high flows and tune next.

Sikoriko 10-27-2012 06:02 PM

I like your first mod. You don't live in Californiu

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