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Modern07 01-14-2013 12:47 AM

Modern07 - 2013 Summit White ZL1 [COTW 6/9/14]

Latest Photos and Mod List

Current List of Mods


Pfadt Tri-Y Stainless Steel Headers w/ Ceramic Black Coating
Rotofab CAI w/ Summit White Painted Airbox and Carbon Fiber Finish MAF Housing
LPE 2.55" 10 Bolt 8 Rib Supercharger Pulley
Heavy Duty Solid Isolator Coupling
Gates 65.3" Supercharger Belt - Green Stripe HD
SLP 160 Degree Thermostat
ATI ZL1 Super Damper Kit
- Includes Serpentine 8 Rib Belt
- Includes 10% OD Balancer Pulley
Injector Dynamics ID850 Injectors
VMax LS3 90mm Ported TB
Alky Control FSP Style Methanol Injection Kit
Ron Davis ZL1 Heat Exchanger
D3PE Coolant Reservoir
Hawk Ceramic Brake Pads
Mike Norris Billet Catch Can with Black Finish
FSP ZLx Blower Cam
Hardened Chromemoly Pushrod Set
BTR Dual Valvespring Kit .650" Lift (Titanium Retainers, Viton Valve Seals, Steel Spring Seats)
GM Gasket Kit (Front Timing Cover Seal/Gasket, Waterpump Gasket, Balancer Bolt)
Melling Select Oil Pump 10296
C5R Timing Chain
ECS Fuel Pump Voltage Booster w/ Hobbs Switch Kit
Corsa ZL1 3" Catback Exhaust with X-Pipe & Quad 4" Pro Series Tips
BMR Rear Trailing Arms, Polyurethane Bushings
BMR Bushing Kit for Rear Trailing Arms
BMR Rear Toe Rods, Non-Adjustable, Polyurethane Bushings
Monster LT1-SC Twin-Disc Clutch rated to 1000HP
Custom Dyno Tune by Matt @ FSP


Custom Painted LSA Engine Cover
Custom Painted Fusebox with GM Performance Division Emblem from EmblemPros in Black & White
Custom Painted ZL1 Strut Brace with ZL1 painted logo in Carbon Flash Metallic & Candy Electric Blue
Front & Rear Painted Bowties
Showstopper LED Sidemarkers with Tint
Technostalgia LED Sequential Taillights
Plasma LED DRLs in Xenon White
ZL1 Embroidered Floormats
ZL1 Embroidered Center Console Lid
ZL1 Underhood Logo Custom Airbrushed by Chris Cruz Artistry
LED Interior Lighting Kit in Blue including Footwell Lighting
Summit White ZL1 License Plate Frame
Flat Black Painted Taillight Bezels
Xenon White LED License Plate Lights
Custom Black & White 10mm Engine Bay Bolts
Billet Underhood Cap Covers
Black & White Camaro Dipstick
ZL1 Embossed Radiator Shroud from EmblemPros
ZL1 Embossed Summit White Strut Covers
Summit White Trunk Panel with ZL1 Logo
Xenon White LED Trunk Light
Showstopper Underhood Cover Kit in White/Carbon Fiber Finish
Custom Painted White Strut Brace Bolts
Billet Custom Wire Harness Cover in White with Bowtie Logo
Billet Custom Hood Strut in White
Blue LED Underhood lighting wired to Switch on Fusebox
CF Vinyl on Steering Wheel Bowtie
StealthBulbs Turn Signals
Billet Custom Interior Kit Hydro-dipped Carbon Fiber by AquaDip Graphix
Hydro-dipped Carbon Fiber ZL1 Water Tray by Aquadip Graphix
NightOwl RGB Halo Kit
NightOwl Radiator Grill RGB Lighting Kit
H11 ZL1 6000k Foglight Bulbs
Flat Black "SSX" Style Front Bumper Blackout
Billet Custom Speaker Surrounds Hydro-dipped Carbon Fiber by Aquadip Graphix
Custom Painted ZL1 Emblems with Carbon Flash Metallic and Candy Electric Blue Paint
Custom Painted Camaro Fender Emblems with Carbon Flash Metallic Paint
Custom Painted Wheel Center Caps in Satin Black with White Bowtie


Valentine 1 Radar Detector Hardwired to OnStar Mirror
2 x Aeroforce Interceptor Gauges with ZL1 Custom Faceplates
Bosch AFR Wideband Sensor Wired to Aeroforce Gauges
Autometer Dual Gauge Pod with Alky Control Methanol Warning Lights - Flocked in Gray to Match Interior Suede
Mild to Wild Exhaust Controller
DRL & Foglight Harness

Coming Soon

Front and Rear ZL1 Brembo's Powdercoated "Intense Blue"

Currently at 701 RWHP and 670 RWTQ :bellyroll: :wub:


So I figured it was time for me to create a build thread as I've had my 2013 Summit White ZL1 for a few months now and have started to make her my own.

At the current time it is mostly cosmetic mods, but the performance mods will come! :headbang: :D

So anyway, before the ZL1 I was driving a 2011 2SS/RS which I had owned since new and absolutely loved:

As soon as I heard about the ZL1 though I knew I had to have it, and I placed my order on the 1st May 2013 and patiently waited whilst playing the allocation game - the call I'd been waiting for came 5 months later on 10/10/12:

I couldn't get down to the dealership on the 10th, and so I finally took delivery on 10/11/12 - a date that's easy to remember but that I would never have forgotten anyway!! :thumbup:

Here's the 2 of them together before I made the trade...

Obviously the 5 months of waiting had given me plenty of time to think about the mods I was going to make, and I decided early on that I would try to keep the warranty for as long as I could - as such the mod's I planned out to start with were cosmetic.

One of the things I didn't overly like about the ZL1 was the engine bay...I just felt like it didn't really pop the way it should, or match the Summit White car..

So my plan from day 1 was to add my own touch to the engine bay...starting with a decal for the ZL1 underhood indentation:

Of course the Gold Bowties had to go straight away too as they did on my 2011 SS:

And the yellow DRL's did nothing for me either, so they didn't last too long at all:

One other item I had ready and waiting were some ZL1 mats ordered from Rodgers of course! :wub:

I also had some xenon white LED's lying about that I never installed in the SS, so in they went to get rid of that horrible yellow light:

It was then time to actually drive the thing a little...and boy did it exceed expectations....I had read about Permagrin from all the people that had a 2012 and I wasn't really sure what they didn't take long to I said I loved my SS, but this ZL1 is just on a totally different level...:bow::happyanim:

And the speed....well, there's a reason why this was installed pretty quickly....a Valentine One with Blendmount hardwired into the mirror:

At this point I'd run out of things to install and concentrated on getting past that break-in period!

It didn't take long before more items were being delivered's some bug once you've got it! :facepalm: :laugh:

Next was a color matched Frame for my license plate:

And also some white xenon LED's for the lights above it..I told you I hated the yellow :laugh:

Then it was back to the engine bay...the red cover was painted summit white along with the strut brace and fuse box cover:

I felt that the Strut Brace needed a bit of color though, so I had Lupe paint me a ZL1 hood emblem Carbon Flash Metallic and Red and added that:

Then I had Roger at Emblem Pro's make me a GM Performance Division Badge in Black and White so I could break up all the white on the Fuse Box Cover:

After that I decided to spend $10 on changing out all the 10mm Bolts in the engine bay to keep my Black and White Theme continuing:

And I also added cap covers to all of the caps in the engine bay as I didn't like the plastic, along with adding a Camaro Oil Stick Cover:

Next on the list was to change the taillight bezels - again Lupe painted them for me - Flat black this time:

After that came the Showstopper Sidemarkers with tint:

And then again back to the engine bay for some Strut Covers and a radiator shroud that Roger from Emblem Pro's made me:

Blue Footwell lights were next - these are wired to fade on and off with the Dome Light:

And then it was time....the cosmetic mods had entertained me for 2 months but it was only a matter of time before the performance mods started, and that slippery slope started last week when I added the Roto-Fab CAI with Carbon Fiber Finish:

So this is how my engine bay looks now....I'm much happier with the look compared to Stock:

Hope you enjoyed reading anyway.....this is just the start, and the big performance mods will no doubt be here soon!! :laugh: :happyanim:

mlee 01-14-2013 12:52 AM

Very Nice my Summit White brother...:thumbsup:

Modern07 01-14-2013 12:55 AM


Originally Posted by mlee (Post 6032758)
Very Nice my Summit White brother...:thumbsup:

Thanks! :thumbsup:

We're close on the numbers too with mine being #2303...well sort of haha! :laugh:

Behic2320 01-14-2013 01:06 AM

Dude such a badass car :confused0068: that thing is saweeeeeeeet. Great color choice although I may be a little bias haha hands down amazing ride man

mlee 01-14-2013 01:06 AM

We're certainly close in taste... lots of he same mods...

2010 SSRS 01-14-2013 01:12 AM

you have made your ZL1 look really nice, congrats

CHMSC 01-14-2013 01:26 AM

Very nice. Now I need a ZL1 lol

Modern07 01-14-2013 11:11 AM


Originally Posted by Behic2320 (Post 6032788)
Dude such a badass car :confused0068: that thing is saweeeeeeeet. Great color choice although I may be a little bias haha hands down amazing ride man


Originally Posted by 2010 SSRS (Post 6032808)
you have made your ZL1 look really nice, congrats


Originally Posted by CHMSC (Post 6032829)
Very nice. Now I need a ZL1 lol

Thanks Guys! :D

kobSS 01-14-2013 08:53 PM

Car is looking great. Nice work so far man.

diggin the black and white in the engine bay

Modern07 01-14-2013 09:23 PM

Thanks! :D

I forgot that I also added a couple of pieces to the Trunk Area.

Summit White Trunk Panel with ZL1 Logo:

And then I also changed the Trunk Light to a Xenon White LED:

SilverSlayer-SS 01-15-2013 10:30 AM

nice zl1 ! love the mods so far :popcorn:

RED DEMON SS 01-15-2013 10:46 AM

Looks awesome so far love the mods tastefully done!

Modern07 01-17-2013 08:10 PM


Originally Posted by SilverSlayer-SS (Post 6038552)
nice zl1 ! love the mods so far :popcorn:


Originally Posted by RED DEMON SS (Post 6038598)
Looks awesome so far love the mods tastefully done!


It will be on the Dyno for the first time next weekend so hopefully I get decent results! :D

Modern07 01-30-2013 12:13 AM

Added 2 Aeroforce Interceptors with ZL1 faceplates to the A Pillar today - hooked up to the OBDII Port - these things are awesome and can scan absolutely loads - I have also programmed in the shift lights :)

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