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RJT-Maro 08-02-2009 11:18 AM

0-60 runs...
I think what I am gonna do is every 500 miles do a 0-60 run to see what the time is then right it down and let you guys know..

That way I can see how the times change every 500 miles as it breaks in//

So I have almost 500 miles I will put like the remaining 3 on there and I will do a 0-60 run and let you guys know..

I will be doing it with a 2SS Manual so I will update this post every 500 miles

Vash 08-02-2009 11:24 AM

You'll also want to log weather conditions. Temp, baro and humdity, maybe even wind.

They play a bit into it.

Dano 08-02-2009 11:47 AM

Well I was able to get in 2 0-60 runs in yesterday. I have a 2 SS L99 and the weather was 85* and humid. First run with tc off I was able to run a 5.14 and the second run was 5.17. I had 670 miles on the car and I was pretty impressed with it on so little break in. I am sure it will be at sub 5 second after a little more break in.

I also spun both times on the launch, I need to figure out how to launch it without breaking loose. I am sure that would help the time also.

gmag21 08-02-2009 01:11 PM

I have come to conclusion that the people who have the "slow" L99's are the ones who didnt break it in right. If you notice, only a handful of people actually pay attention on how to properly break in the car. Most people just drive it however they like right when they get it; but there is still that handfull of people who drive it according to a book or car manual. If you noticed only a "handfull" of people seem to have problems with there 0-60 times. Some people are getting like 7 second 0-60's ! I know this has got to be from trying to hard to break it in; thats why it doesnt happen to every L99 owner. I believe that if you baby it to much when you buy it, the ECU will adapt to your driving conditions and result in a slower responsive car. If you vary the rpm's and drive it hard alot (not redline; just pushing it alot) the 0-60 times would be much greater in the future. I say this because the # of people with 0-60 problems is less than the # of people without 0-60 problems. In comparison to the # of people who pay attention to the "break in babying it method", the # of people on this method is lower than the # of people who just drive it without restricting the engine.

Make sense?


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