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hammdo 11-22-2014 07:36 PM

IT LIVES! My Z/LE ZL1 + 1LE + 2SS = Z/LE ;o) LSA SC [COTW 2/09/15]
NOTE: All photos and content are (c) Donald Hamm

NO ONE can charge for the content or photos here within without prior agreement.



ADM has now put the LSA install guide online!

COTW 2/16/2015

What an honor! I'm so amazed about this, can't believe it -- just wow.. That has to be a 'oops forgot to take it down' thing...:noidea:


COTW 2/9/2015

Just found out I made Camaro Of The Week. I had no idea! Thanks so much. I'm humbled and very appreciative of that -- with so many out there, its hard for me to believe...



Finally installed the LSA Supercharger and ADM kit!

Pic of the car when I first bought it (before any upgrades):

Before SC and ZL1 Bumper:


Updated to ZL1 trunk and spoiler: (Custom).jpg (Custom).jpg (Custom).jpg (Custom).jpg (Custom).jpg

Wheels updated (polished and light gun metal):

Wicker Bill:


Rear Belly Pan:

Flow Tie:

Snout port:


AEM Wideband:

Nick Williams 102mm and RPM 5" CAI:


AEM 30-3305:

SW Water pump:

nGauge, AEM Flow meter, A-Pillar pod:

Pushing over 590 RWHP 525 RWTQ 6 PSI boost stock pulleys...

NEW DYNO for Jokerz Performance port soon!

645 RWHP 605 RWTQ on 10 PSI boost 2.45 GripTech pulley from the Jokerz Performance Port and Pulley -- heat soaked blower too!

681 RWHP 631 RWTQ ON 58% E85!

OK NOW 747 RWHP and 794 RWTQ on 13.5 PSI GPI Forged/stroked LSA 416!

So much more coming...

And the list, all but a very few were done by me:

ZL1 Front and Rear Brake package with Castrol SRF
ZL1 Goodridge Stainless Steel Brake Lines
ZL1 Front and Rear Wheels
ZL1 Goodyear G2 Front and Rear
ZL1 Front Bumper (Gary's Customs), Brake Ducts, and Splash Shields
ZL1 Belly Pan
ZL1 LSA Supercharger with heat exchanger
ZL1 Grill (have but has to be installed)
ZL1 Rear Spoiler and Trunk Lid
ZL1 Front Splitter
ZL1 Steering Wheel upgrade (leather)
ZL1 Pedals
ZL1 Fuel Pump
ZL1 Front Deflectors
ZL1 Supercharger
ZL1 Brake Ducts

Gen6 Brake Air Deflectors (street/race)

ZL1 Addons Towhook and License Plate holder
ZL1 Addons splitter protectors
ZL1 Addons Stealth Wicker Bill
ZL1 Addons Front Splitter

Replaced -- ZL1 JacFabs No Drill License Plate kit

Z/28 wheel hubs (4)
Z/28 motor mounts
Flow Tie
Rear Belly Pan

LLT/LFX Electric Brake Booster Vacuum Pump
Ultimate Pedals ZL1 Dead Pedal

Turn One Power steering pump with pulley

MTI Racing Plug Wires

Ron Davis Heat Exchanger
Dual Varimax intercooler pump upgrade
Dual Shaman Heat Exchangers for intercooler (in parallel) From FrozenBoost (WAT001104)
Derale Power Steering cooler (13200)
CSF Radiator
Roush Intercooler Reservoir

DSS Carbon Fiber driveshaft
DSS 1000 hp axles

Detroit Speed Driveshaft loop

AeroForce Dual Interceptor Gauges, temp sensor in CAI, Intercooler coolant temp sensor, and dash vent POD
A-Piller pod
AEM Wideband with SLP Gauge POD
AEM Meth Controller 30-3305
AEM 30-5142 Flow Gauge
ProMeth ZL1/Camaro Tuners Meth Kit

ADM ZL1 LSA Supercharger kit
(ADM RACE CAI Kit), now RPM 5" CAI
ADM ZL1 FPCM, now DSX FPCM for E85
ADM Upper Control Arm and Solid Bushing
ADM Transmission Cooler Kit with upgraded B&M SuperCooler 70274, updated now to Tru-Cool 40k

ADM LSA 3 Belt Pulley upgrade!
ATI damper with Lingenfelter 9.17 pulley (18%) lower

Jokerz Performance 2.45 pulley, 90mm Ported Snout, boost valve, and blower.


DSX Flex Fuel/E85/Aux pump kit
Diode Dynamics fog light bulbs

Roto-Fab Big Gulp (ZL1) - gone do to 5" intake
Roto-Fab Washer Relocation kit (near Master Cylinder)

Mishimoto Compact Catch Can Inatall -- Clean Side (replaces Metco Oil Cap Breather with S & B Filter replaces the MightyMouse Billet Breather)

Mishimoto Thermostatic Oil Cooler kit.

MightyMouse Catch Can

Sultans of Spark Coils (Now LSA coils)

Gone now with the new Forged engine:
GPI GM L99 Ported Heads with BTR springs and BTR Pushrods
GPI LS9 factory Head Gaskets
GPI Cam Motions VVT SS1 cam
Comp Cams Phase Limiter Kit
LS7 Lifters with DOD/AFM delete (valley pan included)
LS2 C5R factory timing chain/new Solenoid with LS7 dogbone

NOW SPORTING A GPI Forged/stroked LSA 416
GMPP heads with C.H.E. rockers, Johnson Lifters, Improved Racing goodies, Melling oil pump, Sac City oil pressure bar bell, custom Cam Motions grind cam. Callie's forged/stroked kit, Diamond Pistons, Katech Timing chain set.

Eaton TrueTrac (replaces GPI Posi Mod)
LPW Diff cover

Stainless Works Headers with muffler delete (gone)
ARP Header Bolts
SOLO J-Pipes (gone)

Magnaflow Exhaust installed cat back (15089) replaces original cat to axle (with Magnaflow X-Pipe)

1LE Front Struts
1LE Rear Shocks and Caps
1LE GM 3.91 gears (3.45 now installed for SC)
1LE Strut Bar
1LE Sway bar links
1LE Full power/heated Recaros (Baby!)

Replaced with ADM (JDP Upper Control Arm kit)
Replaced with ZL1 Addons tow hook -- JDP Tow Hook (ZL1 Setup)
JDP from Pro Customs Hideaway head light covers Painted RJT and Silver trim
JDP Heater Hose Relo Kit (factory)

JDP 1LE FE4 lower control arms and sway bar links

BMR Adjustable Trailing Arms
BMR Adjustable Toe Rods
BMR Cradle Bushing inserts ( upgraded to ADM solid bush)
BMR Front and Rear Spring kit
BMR Rack n Pinion bushing

JPSS Front and Rear Swaybar for FE4 (replaces BMR Front and rear swaybar kit (FE4))

JPSS (formally PFADT) Radius Arm Bushings
JPSS Castor Locks

Hotchkis Max Chassis

Razors Edge Bumpsteer kit

GM 2SS Inner Tie Rods

Z/LE badges from EmblemPros and North American
Z/LE head rests

Gen5DIY MyLink upgrade
Gen5DIY Backup Camera
Gen5DIY ZL1 Fog Light upgrade
Gen5DIY floor well lighting kit


RJT Painted Bowties
RJT Painted Hex Vents

Hurst Shifter with Handle and Cover

Jannetty 6L80 DipStick and Tube (Factory look and finish!) replaces B&M Transmission Dip Stick
B&M Transmission Pan with Upgraded Filter

Moreno Motorsports Caster/Camber adjustments (front) installed

(Gone to RubyCamaro -- not needed with FI) -- Vitesse Controller
Nick Williams 102 mm throttle body replaces Bo White Throttle Body (replaces VMax)

Tri-Tek Window Tint

WebElectrics STS-2CAM Sequential Turn Signals

Raptor Shift Light

Stewart Aux Electric Water pump:

Cooling approach:


hammdo 11-22-2014 07:37 PM

I'm doing so many mods that I needed to have one place to keep them. Instead of posting several places (like I've been doing), I'm going to start consolidating and just reference links.

So, the first set of links are just going to reference what I've done up to now.

After that, I'm going to:

Post my ZL1 brake upgrade (front and rear!) with the Stainless brake lines, my 'pressure' bleeding DIY tool I've built, and the L99 VVT cam and heads upgrade I've have planned (working with GPI on that one).

So, here is what I've done so far...

My first set of mods (including Vararam Intake, JBA spark-plug wires, 1LE strut bar, GPI tune, stainless headers w HFC, muffler delete, Texas Speed underdrive pulley, VMax throttle body, and 3.91 gears):

Shot from the top:

The 'View My Garage' has more pics as does clicking on the 'Avatar' of my car...

Now, my DIY for the stainless Catch Can:

hammdo 11-22-2014 07:38 PM

The failure of the Texas Speed under-drive pulley and the new ATI:

hammdo 11-22-2014 07:38 PM

My two-tone SS wheels repainted with bow-ties:

hammdo 11-22-2014 07:39 PM

My first set of Suspension mods (BMR and JDP):

hammdo 11-22-2014 07:41 PM

My ZL1 Wheels and ZL1 pedals!

hammdo 11-22-2014 07:42 PM

My Hurst Shifter upgrade:

hammdo 11-22-2014 07:43 PM

My B&M Dip Stick and Transmission Pan upgrades:

Dip Stick:


Jannetty Dipstick:


hammdo 11-22-2014 07:44 PM

Sultans of Spark Coils:

hammdo 11-22-2014 07:45 PM

ZL1 Steering Wheel Upgrade:


hammdo 11-22-2014 07:47 PM

More suspension upgrades, new Goodyears, and 1LE goodies from BMR, JDP:

hammdo 11-22-2014 07:48 PM

Hex Vents, Headlight covers, bling!

hammdo 11-22-2014 07:52 PM

Strut Covers:



hammdo 11-22-2014 07:54 PM

So, my next mods are:

ZL1 Front and Rear Brake setup (ordered) with DIY pressure bleeder and stainless brake lines,

Pic of the Rear Set:


Brake Lines and Fluid ordered:

Moreno Cam/Caster alignment goodies (ordered),

Cam Motions Cam (SS1) and upgraded Heads from GPI (ordered),

ZL1 Bumper (for 2011 2SS) and belly pan (next year),

My Link (next year),

Already purchased GM Service Manuals, Quick Trick Alignment tools, and tools to install the Cam.



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