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kmm1412 08-26-2018 10:20 PM

8th Annual Bucks County Covered Bridge Cruise - 10/14/2018 - Sponsored by SEPA5+


Well folks, it's official...the 8th Annual Bucks County Covered Bridge Cruise, sponsored by SEPA5+, is on again this year!!! Like past years, we are asking everyone to sign up (along with your club affiliation, if a member of one - club membership NOT required to participate) in this thread by posting in this thread or PM me, so we can get an accurate count on the number of cars attending. If you are not a member of Camaro5, but are a member of Facebook, please post your intentions on our Facebook page and we will add you to the list. On the day of the cruise, everyone will be assigned a group number and a team leader who knows the route we are taking. If anyone is interested in volunteering to be a lead, please contact me, Kevin McGowan (kmm1412). Also, due to the number of participants expected, we must limit this cruise to CAMAROS ONLY!!! We do not have the resources to allow any other vehicles to participate. Sorry, but we will be strictly enforcing this rule on the day of the cruise, and don't want anybody driving something other than a Camaro to waste their time showing up on the morning of the cruise expecting to tag along. In past years we have had 60 cars attend this cruise, and we expect more than that this year.

This is a great 44 mile cruise and we will be crossing 4 covered bridges again this year. The route is subject to change, like 3 years ago, when the last bridge was damaged by a truck the day before our cruise. As a reminder, some of the roads we will use are definitely roads less traveled...they are narrow, twisty, and run right through people's back yards. Please be safe and keep an eye out for pedestrians/bicyclists as well as oncoming traffic.

Things to remember bringing if you have them:
1) Walkie-talkies...or a cell phone with at least one other person's number in the cruise
2) GPS...not necessarily for directions, but so you can see what road you're on and look for the next turn
3) Money for concessions at the airport...or pack a lunch for when we get there.
4) Cameras and/or GoPro's...since we can never have too many pictures or videos of our cars!

Date: OCT-14-2018 Sunday

Meet Time: 9:30 AM

Meet Locations GPS Coordinates: 40.296728,-74.874101

The closest address available is:
1107 River Road
Washington Crossing, PA 18977

Parking Lot is ~50 ft NORTH of Washington's Crossing Visitor's Center (PA side) on the opposite side of the road.

From: Latitude: 40.296648 Longitude: -74.874107, Washington Crossing, PA 18977 US Parking Lot

To: 516 Cafferty Rd, Erwinna, PA 18920-9252 VAN SANT AIRPORT


1. kmm1412 - SEPA5+
2. Gem's 1st & 5th gen - SEPA5+
3. sscamaro - SEPA5+
4. Big A - SEPA5+
5. Deb Fourre Stacer - SEPA5+
6. theragtopguy - SEPA5+
7. nlamelza - SEPA5+
8. xnuyokr - SEPA5+
9. Jacek Kornas - SEPA5+
10. floyd haughton - SEPA5+
11. K3V7N
12. randy's2012 - SJCC
13. jcavallo - SJCC
14. 2011ss/rs - SJCC
15. JTC/C5
16. z28guy3
17. liv - LVCC
18. Ray Simpson - SMCC
20. Eddiefuzz - SEPA5+
21. Scott Talley
22. Troy Philhower
23. Pontiack99 - SEPA5+
24. 1WickedSS - SEPA5+
25. UACat36
26. NJNorm
27. Botoasy - SJCC
28. Bobby G - SJCC

floyd haughton 08-27-2018 09:31 AM

ill be there

theragtopguy 08-27-2018 09:26 PM

You betcha!!!!!!

K3V7N 08-30-2018 11:59 AM

I'll try to come. '15 SS 1LE. I live in Solebury.

randy's2012 09-05-2018 05:24 AM

Please be so kind as to add me to the list as well. Love your cover bridge cruise.

jcavallo 09-05-2018 02:57 PM

I plan on going, club: South Jersey Camaro

2011ss/rs 09-05-2018 08:23 PM

I'll be there from South Jersey Camaro

2011ss/rs 09-06-2018 09:09 PM

Please add Bobby G from South Jersey Camaro

djcfuzz 09-09-2018 05:49 PM

Sorry guys, I wish I could make it one last time but my Camaro migrated South in December. Always a good time, enjoy.

JTC/C5 09-14-2018 03:22 PM

Never to late
Well if I can get all the rendering done in time which gives me a month exactly
Id like to do my first camaro run ever with you fine friends!

Sign me up +1 my lady

JTC/C5 09-21-2018 07:26 PM

Hello ? Anyone anyone here ?

Is this old news or still happening

No one replies sent PM too

z28guy3 09-23-2018 07:33 PM

Ill be there

sscamaro 09-24-2018 11:20 AM

Where are you posting the names of the people who have signed up?

theragtopguy 10-03-2018 10:09 PM

Hoping for good weather this year, always a good time!!! Love watching the biplanes and such at Van Sandt Airfield also!!

Come on out!!!

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