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Happy_Dan 03-23-2012 09:10 AM

Moved to 3300
Looks like my order may have moved to 3300. Hooray!
Anyone else see movement?
My heart rate just raised up just a little bit.

Blueclyde 03-23-2012 09:13 AM

I haven't but man that looks like a great piece of news!!! I'm still at 3000 (since 1/31).

piepouli 03-23-2012 09:18 AM

I called GM this morning to see what status I was at & they told me to contact my dealer. I can't even get a ZL1 brochure

hall966 03-23-2012 09:21 AM

Mine moved to 3300 yesterday after sitting at 3000 since 1/31.

wilmaya 03-23-2012 09:27 AM

Congrats Guy's! Let's keep our fingers crossed. Fbod did say that we are on the home stretch. Hopfully in all aspects, removing the constraints and QC release of the ZL1's.

SlingShot 03-23-2012 09:28 AM

I'm still not frigging moving. ...

avcbm 03-23-2012 09:29 AM

I'm still at 3000 since 1/31, no movement for me.

rrubio 03-23-2012 09:30 AM

Cool! That's good news! I hope they're not starting out slow and ramping it up later, they should be full go now...wishful thinking. I've been at 3000 for a while now

Blueclyde 03-23-2012 09:32 AM

It's about intertia. The iceberg was moving. It stopped. Now it looks like it is moving again. Once it gets moving it should stay moving.

Just curious here... My order has the painted CF insert. Those of you that have moved what hood insert do you have?

SRQ Al 03-23-2012 09:44 AM

My order also went from 3000 to 3300 today.

hall966 03-23-2012 09:44 AM

Mine is exposed

Zikma 03-23-2012 09:48 AM

I am still at 3000 since 1/31 according to GMConnects
It is supposed to have B92 hood, Although it is not listed on GMconnects it is on the global connect print out.

This is from
We've received your order from the dealer, however it is not available for tracking. If you would like specific information about when your order will be ready, please contact your local dealer. You can also visit this site periodically to check for updated information. While here, be sure to explore your vehicle, review your order summary, and shop for the accessories that can make a great car even better.

JJ-ZL1 03-23-2012 09:49 AM

I placed my order 11/8/11, and sits at 2030. Last update on gmconnects 1/13/12

avcbm 03-23-2012 09:53 AM

I have the B92 Exposed CF Option

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