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QUICRNU 01-18-2017 10:54 PM

QUICRNU Build -LSA BTR YANK Supercars etc...
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****** Working to Update the First Page - In Process******

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Attachment 915999

Attachment 916000

Mod List

Stock L99 Throttle Body
JRE Race Scoop
RotoFab Washer Bottle relocate
Kooks 2" Coated LT Headers
Kooks 3" Off Road Pipes
LSA LPE Hub 3.04
ATI ZL1 Super Damper and 8.66 Lower

ATI Damper Pinning Kit (perpendicular)
ARP Balancer Bolt
AFCO Heat Exchanger w/Dual Fans
ZL1 Intercooler Pump
Rotofab Larger Capacity Reservoir
LPE Ported Blower Snout
LSA Full Accessories - 3Belt
BTR Stage III PDS Blower Cam .617/.596 231/248 120 +5?
LS3 Conversion Kit
GMPP CNC Ported and Polished LS3 Heads

BTR SK001 Spring Kit w/Titanium retainers
ARP Head Bolt Kit
BTR Chromoly Pushrods (7.450)
BTR LS Trunnion Upgrade Kit
BTR LS7 Lifter kit (16) @ .705 lifter Preload
LS9 Head Gaskets
LS2 Dampener
Katech Timing Chain
Melling Oil Pump

ADM ZL1 Fuel Pump and Fuel Pump Control Module
Injector Dynamics ID850s
MagnaFlow 3", not on the car yet
Solid Rear Cradle Bushings
ZL1 3.23 Full Rear + Cradle etc.
17"x10" and 17x5 Weld RT-s71
M&H Racemasters + MT Sportsmans

40,000BTU Transmission Cooler and Fill Tube added.
Yank SC2800 Converter
NGK BR7EF, gapped to 0.028"
IAT moved to ZL1 Lid
Remote Oil Cooler
Remote Power Steering Fluid Cooler

MyLInk Nav
Backup Camera
Kicker Sub
1-Piece Blade Spoiler by Restricted Motorsports
PVD Chrome OEM ZL1 Rims
JPSS Castor Plates
Pedders SuperCar Coilovers
JPSS Front and Rear Sway Bars
Hawks Pads

__________________________________________________ ___________

This seems like a good time to start my thread......

Wife said she wanted another Camaro but it had to be Blue, Automatic and Quiet<--??? :bonk: This explains the NOWEEDS solution.

Bought the 2010 SS/RS ABM A6 with 34,200 miles on the clock, Bone Stock in July 2016.

It actually took me about 5 months of looking, then giving up, and this one popped up on craigslist 15 minutes from my house for at or below Market Value, depending on who you ask.

Trying not to bore you, so here are some of the photos from day 1, I bought it within 24 hours of it being listed!

These are pictures I took after meeting the previous owner to see the car, we just got done looking it over for 45 minutes and a test drive. He went shopping and I circled the lot a few more times taking these pictures.
Attachment 845534
Attachment 845535

Later that same evening!!! Safe and sound at the new home

Attachment 845537


First fill up.....

hammdo 01-18-2017 10:56 PM

That is my favorite color combo, wife convinced me to get the RJT. She was right, but I still love that color combo...


QUICRNU 01-18-2017 10:58 PM

Thanks Don!!

I have a lot of catching up to do on this thread to get to real time!

QUICRNU 01-18-2017 11:15 PM

9 Attachment(s)
So you might have seen the Mojave seat. The previous owner included them in the sale. Along with other various interior pieces to match.

I tore the entire interior out to upgrade the factory speakers, install the backup camera, subwoofer and so I could put in the Mojave.

I did not have the Mylink yet, but I knew I was getting it so I pre-wired and mounted the backup camera so I would be ready!

I was still waiting on my title so this gave me a good distraction from not being able to drive it yet!

Mojave, my favorite for sure.

Attachment 845538
Attachment 845539
Attachment 845540

Gutted the Interior, you want to exercise caution on the small fittings and around the airbags.

Attachment 845541
Attachment 845542
Attachment 845548

Changed the 1SS cloth door panels to Carbon Flash Metallic.

Attachment 845544
Attachment 845545
Attachment 845546

QUICRNU 01-18-2017 11:32 PM

6 Attachment(s)
I found a nice condition Kicker sub made for our Camaro's. Yes I know it will not shake the doors open, but it is perfectly balanced with the speakers and (now MyLink) power from the head unit. It really does play any type of music, the way it was meant to be heard. Very happy with this....and since the exhaust has to be "QUIET" I suppose this stood out to me even more, and I really like it.

Sub Test Fit to Finish, I can still get my golf clubs back there, gotta love that.

Attachment 845549

Attachment 845550

Attachment 845551

Backup Camera Install, Had to cut a small hole in the bumper as other have documented....this was VERY HARD for me to do... it took me 2 nights of no sleep and some encouragement from my stepfather, I finally decided to send her under the knife :twitch: The actual cutting was very easy with a regular box cutter and turned out nice with no regrets.....

Attachment 845552

Attachment 845553

Barely Noticeable and very glad I did it.

Attachment 845554

QUICRNU 01-18-2017 11:58 PM

6 Attachment(s)
So I think we can all agree, there are some aesthetic issues with the stock rims, I am not complaining, but they were clearly due for an upgrade.

I wanted forged OEM ZL1 10 spokes badly, but decided Black with my white stripes was not right for me. My step father had a 69 SS396 Camaro Blue with White stripes and white convertible top when I met him, he had done a frame off restoration. So I prefer that old school look on this car, trying to resemble his as close as possible. He was also the original owner of the QUICRNU tag here in VA...... ok enough mushy stuff.....

I found a steal of a deal on some PVD Chrome coated OEM ZL1 rims....with nearly new Factory Goodyear G2s on them. :eyebulge:

Thank you Detroit Wheels and Tires!

Attachment 845556

Attachment 845557

Attachment 845558

Some Old vs New comparisons. You will see I weighed them....the New ones are still boxed up, the packaging was only 1lb...which means the 2 inch wider rims and tires, WITH PVD Chrome coating, still weighed the same as my Stockers. I call that a solid Win.

Attachment 845559

Attachment 845560

Attachment 845561

QUICRNU 01-19-2017 12:12 AM

9 Attachment(s)
Oh yea, so the car still needs seats installed!!!

P.S. It had been about 2 weeks and I still did not have my title. Seller was a super honest upfront guy and I had no concerns, other than I wanted to drive it!!! But the waiting continued on his bank to clear the lien.

SO The Mojave seats were from a 2012 or 2013 I am not sure, but they did not have the passenger airbag sensor in them. This of course means the Airbag light will be Permanently on, that will not do.

There is a write up on how to transfer the sensor from your old seat to the new seat, PS you also need to switch the Front Seat Seatbelt latches. The seatbelt in the car buckle is too wide for the newer seat portion "female" side if you will. Easy swap from old seats to new seats, 1 electrical connector and the bolt. I used Locktite.

The sensor swap if I recall required hand tools, electrical connectors of your choice, a drill and a snap rivet gun (I love a reason to buy tools!!)

Here are some general pics that may or may not help fill n the gaps from the other write up on the seat airbag sensor.

Attachment 845562

Attachment 845563

Attachment 845564

Attachment 845565

Attachment 845566

Attachment 845567

Attachment 845568

Attachment 845569

Attachment 845570

QUICRNU 01-19-2017 12:21 AM

3 Attachment(s)
Interior back in, everything ready to roll....except a title.

3 weeks......

(I had those tags reserved on a different vehicle, so I was not legal yet)

Attachment 845575

Attachment 845576

Attachment 845577

QUICRNU 01-19-2017 12:34 AM

3 Attachment(s)
Ok, so 3.5 weeks of staring at the car was really starting to get to me, my wife wanted to take a trip to skyline drive on the Camaro's first drive for our anniversary!! I had not title!

Got a call that it was in free and clear, went to DMV the next day!

I had a few days before the trip and decided I wanted to invest in some protection for the car's exterior. I had been obsessing over it the last 3.5 weeks and certainly, it is very pretty and rare. I decided to get a Full on Factory Detail and put the XPEL Ultimate...or whatever their best clear bra is with the 10 year warranty.

Jose the owner Safeguard Auto Salon LLC did a phenomenal job and it literally came back to me looking like a new car! I provided him some touch up paint and he included the touch-up work at no extra charge! Very happy with this and I am 7 months later with absolutely 0 issues.

If you are looking for a detail or Clear Bra in the Richmond, VA area, google Safeguard Auto Salon LLC and tell him Jack sent you. (Might need to reference my car too, he sees a lot of people. lol)

Attachment 845582

Attachment 845583


Attachment 845584

QUICRNU 01-19-2017 12:42 AM

4 Attachment(s)
Needless to say, I made the trip deadline and it was A LOT of fun with these fat tires on this thing in the mountains.

**I did need to Zip Tie my E-Brake Cables, it made a loud popping that was speed sensitive and only while turning. In case you experience this, try the Ebrake cable 1st!

Virginia Skyline Drive OverLook Photos

Attachment 845585

Attachment 845586

Attachment 845587

Attachment 845588

aquablueL99 01-19-2017 07:30 AM

Very Nice Ride!
Great detail on the build....:popcorn:
Congrats on the ABM...:clap:

Kurt ABL99

QUICRNU 01-19-2017 07:55 AM

3 Attachment(s)
A couple more angles of the detailing job, with a shot of the clear bra seam going across the hood, standing beside the passenger side mirror looking forward.

Honestly, you cant see it from any other angle unless heavy sunlight or it is very dusty(RARE).

Also I have a very steep driveway, my exhaust was scraping as I would be coming up the hill into the garage...... hurting concrete and even worse, her under belly. I was scraping the pipes right about when I got halfway inside.

I bought some 4inch Race Ramps from Walmart site to store, they raise my front as I enter making the angle such that no more scraping, plus I can get the jack under the car, or even slide under there myself without jacking it up for visual inspecting. Pretty handy, but not something I would have invested in for my use if I wasn't scraping.

Attachment 845791

Attachment 845792

Attachment 845793

QUICRNU 01-20-2017 01:06 AM

Next was my first trip to the drag strip in years.

I went to a Test and Tune with the family.... I honestly had high hopes.... Automatic, wider rear tires.....I had read online people in the low 13s Bone stock, so I was hoping with a good 60ft to creep near or into the 12s

WELL.........that was HORRIBLY wrong.......

94 degrees ambient, was VERY HUMID.....

Embarassed to say, it laid down a 14.3 ET with a 2.4 60 foot @100mph trap speed. I did Tree a Hellcat, and the first 60 ft of the video looks REALLY good... lol until the cars looks like it shifted in to reverse.

Yes I had TC and Stabilitrac Off, Yes I was in S mode but the computer was shifting. Yes it Deadhooked, Yes I had a .102 reaction Time(not really related but I was proud). Yes 93 Octane, Yes I brake stalled / preloaded suspension bumping in for the launch, NO I did not have Fun. (The family did though).

:sad0147: :help:

.........This clearly was not acceptable.... more to come on this....

hammdo 01-20-2017 01:23 AM

Love race ramps. I have a few sets!

My favs here


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