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BigFish 11-11-2009 06:56 AM

CincySpeed is the best!
I want to Thank CincySpeed for all their knowledgeable and professional work they do. After taking it to a Speed Shop in Dectuar Indiana, where they put a Cam in the car...I went to pick it up and the car would not even run for 3 seconds. I had to buy some device from Auto Zone just to get the car home that reset the computer.

So then I contacted CincySpeed and ordered a new cam...because I knew something was wrong with the cam and I was right they had put in an old cam in the car.

I arrived at CincySpeed on Monday the 9th and they started working on my car as soon as it was unloaded. We needed a cam gear so they ordered it and had it the next day. One of the guys (Adam) even offered me his car to drive home....but instead I had him take me to a hotel for the night.

They picked me the next morning at the hotel and went to the shop and began working on the car because the part had been delivered.

I just wan to say Thank you to Craig, Blake, Tracey and Adam. Tracey is the best Chevy mechanic I have ever seen. The price was right the work was good. The car started right up and I didn't have to have a device to get home this time....and no dying every 3 seconds.

The runs as if it just came out of the factory but with a "BIG CAM"...

Thanks to CincySpeed and all the guys....if anyone is looking for anyone work done on your car it is worth the drive to go to CincySpeed! Great Job..

Chris Bowser

Qwkss 11-11-2009 09:54 AM

Thanks Chris. It was nice meeting you and I was thrilled that you made the trip down to my shop.
Im also proud of my guys for getting your Camaro "fixed" and running better. I cant wait to spin the roller and see what she makes.:D

If/when you let Helen drive the Camaro, please have her post up how she likes it.:w00t:

BigFish 11-11-2009 03:00 PM

(Chris)She cant drive a stick.........(Helen)Craig why do you think he bought a stick instead of an automatic..but I guess I could always

Look at Chris's profile...MY CARS.and not one of the cars are an automatic....out of 6 his has

Qwkss 11-11-2009 09:07 PM

I think its time for Helen to learn the ways of the 6spd.:thumbup:

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