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DonM 10-10-2021 05:05 AM

2nd 303 Graphene experience
Just over 3 months ago, I tried out 303`s Graphene Nano Spray Coating. Looking back now, I made several mistakes with it.

First, I didn`t let it `set up` for the recommended 5 minutes, I buffed it off sooner (which according to 303 will negatively affect the longevity). Too, I immediately (within the hour) applied a 2nd coat instead of waiting 12 - 24 hours. Three months later, the appearance was still mostly there - even though it went almost 2 months without any maintenance (washing / topping). The water behavior definitely took a hit with the most affected areas being the top surfaces of the car, showing the least amount of beading/sheeting.

This time, I took more care in how I applied the 303. I divided the car into 3 large sections and two smaller sections. The hood/roof/trunk lid and glass being one section. The right and left sides of the car was each a section (fender/door/quarter panel) and finally the front and rear bumper covers. The 303 applies so fast and so easily, it`s easier for me to apply it to a larger section of the car, so by the time I finish application to that section, it`s been roughly 5 minutes and time to start buffing it off.

So I would apply it to the top section, then buff it off. Next I would apply it to both sides of the car, then buff off each side in turn. Then I would get the front bumper cover then the rear then buff off. Doing it this way and allowing at least 5 minutes to "haze" made a big difference in removal. I thought it was easier, took less pressure on the microfiber towel and it generally removed `cleaner` than the 1st time I used it.

I applied the "1st" coat at about 6pm, about the time it`s starting to get dark here in Ohio. Then I let the car sit in the garage until about noon the next day (That`s when I washed & coated the wife mobile) and I applied the 2nd coat around 1 pm, so around 19 hours between coats. The 2nd coat went a lot faster IMO, it just seemed to go quicker. Once finished with coat #2, I went to bed since I had to work that night.

When I got up the garage was dark, so I couldn`t see the car to tell how it looked, but I had to stop and get gas and in the lights of the gas station - WOW...jet black, glossy as all get out and talk about a DEEP reflection...Gorgeous!!!

I`m off work Weds/Thurs and I can`t wait to put a 3rd coat on the car since based on what I saw the 3 months ago and what 303 says about 3 coats (They say 3 coats is the max you need to do and that it`s the bomb as far as appearance, and I agree).

In the last few days, since I work nights, the car has been heavily coated with dew when I get off work. Once I hit the highway, the dew FLIES off the car once I`m over 40 mph, and by the time I hit 65, the car is practically dry. Kind of neat to watch.

morepowerjoe 10-12-2021 02:26 AM

Hey Don I've been following your process since your first post on the 303. Do you happen to know if it can be applied over ceramic?

DonM 10-12-2021 02:57 AM


Originally Posted by morepowerjoe (Post 11082897)
Hey Don I've been following your process since your first post on the 303. Do you happen to know if it can be applied over ceramic?

According to 303, it can be applied over anything from an unprepped surface to a full ceramic coating.

I'm REALLY impressed with how it makes my black Camaro look after 2 or 3 coats. Granted the water behavior took a hit after 3 months, but bugs and bird s#!t still came off easily during the wash. I actually like "waxing" my car, so if I have to apply a coat or two every 2 - 3 months to maintain the water beading, so be it.

morepowerjoe 10-12-2021 04:38 AM

Well cool I think that I'm gonna have to give it a try.

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