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camaro1 11-15-2009 11:03 AM

new hptuners custom O/S
latest hptuners software has an upgrade-able 2.5bar operating system for the LS3,L99, now you can have an actuall VE table and cooling fan control below 192*f

- 2.5 bar (255 kPa) max MAP sensor support (calibration capability for GM 0-5V linear MAP sensors)
- Rescaled MAF High Freq table supports up to 15400 Hz with 300 Hz resolution, also supports airflow up to 1024 g/sec
- New VE tables with 33 x 33 cell resolution each and configurable MAP and RPM axes (choose your own resolution)
- Charge Temperature based VE multiplier table, configurable axis
- TPS based VE multiplier table, 33 x 17 cells with configurable TPS and RPM axes
- MAP referenced Boost Enrich table
- Boost Enrich MAP threshold and hysteresis value
- Both MAF and Speed Density mode supported
- Boost based fuel cut, selectable MAP threshold cuts fuel to all cylinders when exceeded
- Rescaled fan temperature axis 163-250F (73-121C), stock is 192-250F (89-121C)

you can use the 2.5 bar upgrade with the factory map sensor in N/A form since the ve/map table is fully adjustable, i just copied my vertual ve table from bluecat eq program to a junk ls2 file then copied and pasted that to my adjusted ve table, then used the interpolate function to fill in all the 0's because the 2.5bar table is 2 times as big as the ls2 style table

2Tightwads 11-15-2009 02:21 PM

Good news!

camaro1 11-20-2009 12:03 AM

just got around to playing with the new 2.5bar O/S,, really nice to have an actuall VE table, and the new cooling fan controls works great

and no more resetting the pcm by disconnecting the batt or pcm after every ecm write!

ohfck 11-20-2009 05:37 PM

Thanks for the news, saw on HPTuners where you're having problems with your gauge pack, what is it doing?

camaro1 11-20-2009 06:49 PM

the oil temp gauge is off about 40*f and the trans temp is off about 25*f, the gauges are just a 3 wire set-up, +, -, and serial data from the ecm,

if you compare the data for oil temp and trans temp they are way off

has also happened to other camaro's i tuned,, i think most people wouldnt notice it if you were not watching the scan data while looking at the gauges

the data for the gauges comes straight from the ecm serial data line, something changes after flashing with hp tuners and the gauges no longer read correctly,, i was actually in contact with an engineer from GM and he has seen this issue before with aftermarket tuning software

Mark-HD 01-23-2010 10:05 AM

Have you figured out or has there been any progress on the gauge issue?

camaro1 01-23-2010 10:17 AM

car is in storage now, hptuners thinks it was fixed in the latest beta software, ill have to wait till spring to find out

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