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the grimace 07-05-2020 08:40 AM

could use some help dtc c0130-00 code
First off I'm mechanical but more of a jack of all trades than expert at automotive en devours .I purchased a code reader tool to help me with airbag issues in my 2010 v6 camaro,now all of a sudden dash lights up with the three errors :traction control,abs and service stabilatrack.They seem to go off all the same time so im guessing its all one problem.

It seems its not a wheel specific code.
The car has only 25k.
The electrical connections seem all intact to the ecbm.
Is the brake pressure monitoring valve part of the ecbm?
What else can i check?I seen some connection to the brake light switch,is there any?I will check just to rule this out anyhow.

Any suggestions,paths to diagnose etc


Bee 07-07-2020 08:53 PM

I'm definitely not an auto technician either, but sounds like there may be something going on with the ABS system. Just to start with the easiest thing, have you checked your brake fluid level? Low fluid could affect the pressure in the lines. Another cheap fix could be to try bleeding the brakes as air in the lines could also cause a sensor to trip.

Outside of that, you may need to get someone with a more advance reader that can talk to the ABS system to see what's happening.

Good luck in your troubleshooting!

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