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durbojones 12-12-2012 07:39 PM

2012 SS Autocross/Weekend cruiser.
I decided to start a build thread for my 2012 Ashen Grey SS. I bought the car in June of 2012. I had been looking at G8s mostly. I found a few but I couldn't get over the automatic in the GTs and I couldn't find a decent deal on a GXP. I ended up looking at Camaros last and finally went to the dealer in town. They had a this one sitting there and I loved the sleek look of the color. Two weeks later I went back on drove off that night in it.

Initial my plan was to make it an all around car for street/strip/autocross with decent cam only setup and a few supporting suspension mods to with the added power. I didn't want to go too crazy because I use the car for weekend trips and getaways. I started out with a set of Texas Speed headers that I installed and tuned in October.

In November I went to Summit Point Raceway in West Virginia and attended a week long course taught by Bill Scott Racing. We put quite a few laps down on a 1.4 mile road course in Crown Vic Police Cruisers. Even though they were sports cars by any means I had a lot of fun and learned a ton about braking, accelerating, proper line through turns and series of turns. I changed my mind on where I wanted to go with the car to a more handling oriented setup. The closest track to me is in Atlanta and is a little too far for most of my weekends. I started looking into the Local SCCA chapter and attended an exhibition event that they set up to try out a new site. I was hooked after the first run. I have gone through the Evolution Performance Driving School two separate times for work and had some fun doing that, but it was in sedans and Humvees. Running a course in car that actually handles decent and has some power was a blast.

Now to the build. I want to keep the car within the SCCA E Street Prepared class. I started a thread ( about my first event which led to a lot of good information and Pete from Pedders giving his thoughts on the suspension. I sent him a few messages and he suggested that I start with the following:

HD Rear subframe bushings
Front radius rod bushing
FE4 Sway bar package,
XA Supercar coilovers.

The parts are on their way here and I should be able to get started on the car by the end of December.

durbojones 01-03-2013 01:46 PM

I just got back from my vacation and found a few things that my neighbor put in the house. I should be able to get the coil overs and bushings done this weekend. I am still waiting on the end links for the sways.

IOM Black Diamond 01-03-2013 02:20 PM

Thanks for starting a build thread, I love to read about builds. I autocross my car and you are going to be a Pedder's believer. The car is going to handle so much better. Make sure and post some pics of the install.

woodside783 01-03-2013 02:31 PM

You are not going to believe how much more fun it is to drive

durbojones 01-04-2013 05:43 PM

I didn't go too in depth with the pics but here are a few from today and the coilover/swaybar install. These are pretty simple to install. The biggest thing is making sure that the spring preload is correct and determining the adjustment for the ride height. I have mine at 1" lower in the front and 3/4" lower in the rear. The actual measured height is 25 7/8" front and 26 1/2" rear. I still need to do the bushings and get the car aligned. It feels awesome though. It stays flat and feels light. I can only imagine how the car is going to handle after I finish the bushings and the alignment.

RED DEMON SS 01-04-2013 06:16 PM

Great job, great shots, keep us all posted!!

Moreno Motorsports 01-04-2013 06:57 PM

Bitching ride! That thing is going to handle like it's on rails. What plans do you have for wheels and tires?

durbojones 01-04-2013 07:20 PM

I would like to run something a bit wider and squared all the way around. I thought about getting some 1LE/ZL1 wheels but I haven't looked into anything yet.

IOM Black Diamond 01-05-2013 12:48 AM

Nice job that looks nice.

Jeffay 01-05-2013 12:59 AM

Great looking build so far.

woodside783 01-05-2013 06:56 AM

We need to hit up some twisty roads

durbojones 01-05-2013 07:35 AM


Originally Posted by woodside783 (Post 5994185)
We need to hit up some twisty roads

Once I get it aligned I am all for it.....

durbojones 01-06-2013 11:38 AM

Removed the Pin Stripe and the Camaro today.

Jeffay 01-06-2013 11:54 AM

I still need to remove that off of my car. I keep procrastinating :(

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