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Roto-fab big gulb is here!
Manufacturer details:

We are excited to announce our Big Gulp adjustable air duct is now available! The Big Gulp is a custom molded adjustable duct designed to be a direct bolt-in replacement for the front left factory brake cooling duct. This is a ZL1 specific product and does require removal of the stock W/W reservoir. Roto-fab does offer a W/W relocation kit which is available separately.
The function of the Big Gulp is to provide additional air to the Roto-fab CAI system (may work with some others) while having the capability of maintaining a functional brake cooling duct. The adjustable feature allows users to direct incoming air to where it is most beneficial, depending on anticipated driving conditions. The Big Gulp is adjusted via the slide lever which extends through the front grill opening for easy manual operation. The "air intake" position channels virtually all of the incoming air to the air intake system. Choose this position for "all out" performance situations such as drag racing when heavy braking is not anticipated. The "brake duct" position provides approximately the same volume of air to the brakes as the stock brake cooling duct while providing additional air to the air intake system. This is possible because the Big Gulp uses the entire available opening in the grill and maintains a larger cross-section than the stock duct. Choose the "brake duct" position for road course type situations or downhill travel where heavy braking is anticipated.
The Big Gulp adjustable air duct gives ZL1 owners what they expect-performance without compromise.


Get your's today from us at CPR for $179.95

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