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Behic2320 11-27-2012 12:22 PM

My Mistress in White [COTW 4/22/13]
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Attention:All right reserved. Any and all photos/videos found within this thread may not be copied, edited, reproduced, linked, or displayed in any form or by any means; electronic, mechanical, optical, or otherwise, without prior written permission from myself. If you wish to use any of the photos/videos found within this thread please send me a PM.

Alright guys so I decided to do this one right and create a build thread. So here's my story.

I bought my Summit White 2011 2LT Camaro on april 22, 2010. I instantly fell in love with this car. Stumbling around looking to add a few minor parts ( lying to myself about a few ) i came upon camaro5 and boy did i hit the jackpot!!! Anything and everything to do with these cars was a mouse click away. For me this was both amazing and horrible haha, Horrible because it just fed the monster and made it grow ten times bigger........ The mod monster and we all know what im talking about.

After a short year and a half and 26,000miles later my fiance and I were looking to buy a house and we came up a little short on the down payment so we had to sell my baby there was just to much equity in the car. So instead of doing what i know I should have done (Bought another CAMARO) i ended up buying a range rover sport and rolling in that for awhile. Although it was a great ride, my heart sank every time I passed one of those beautiful pieces of art. So I sacked up started looking for another one, took the small hit in my credit and found a 2011 1SS/RS in summit white Manuel with only 4800 miles on it. I was instantly in love haha. My new baby Mono arrives tomorrow November 28, 2012. The horrible and amazing part is my sales guy really helped me out with the deal and they are letting me add a few mods to my financing, oh God the flood gates are open.......

I named my new baby Mono because im going with the same theme monochromatic "White and Matte Black"

Well Shooooooot!!!! ^^^^ How that changed haha, She has a full new one of a kind paint job!!! Her main color is a satin frost pearl white with glossy black accents!!!!

So sexy

Current Mods:

Exterior Modifications
-AAC Ghosted side markers
-Revolution Hood
-Vertical Door Kit
-Tinted Windows
-Duralex GM Ground FX Look a like rear Diffuser
-Stillen Side Skirts
-Front Fender Vents
-Rear Quarter Panel Vents
-Mpd1 Spoiler
-Hex grilles in Custom Fenders
-Ground Fx kit molded into the body of the car
-Molded into Body Rear Diffuser
-Showstopper Custom Engine Dress Up Kit
-Shaved Door Handles
-Molded into Body Side Skirts
-Tail Light Tint
-Blacked out SS Logo
-APR Racing Full Carbon Fiber Splitter
-Lock and Coded Gas Cap
-MRR 228s (Z28 Replicas)
-Gorilla Wheel Locks
-DJ Grilles Custom Painted Predator grille (Upper)
-Rapid Fire Technostalgia Tail Lights
-DJ Grilles Custom Painted Predator grille (Lower)
-GTS Tail Light Blackout
-Custom built bumper
-ACS T4 Splitter

Custom Interior
-Ipad Mini Set up
-Fully Functional Ipad in dash
-Completely Custom Audio System (See pic's)
-AAC Footwell lighting
-AAC dome lighting
-Leather Seats
-Hand White Stitching
-Complete Custom Middle Console
-Door Panels and Dash Trim Redone in white Leather
-Custom Switch Pannel
-A Pillar with Gauges
-Leather Dash trim and Door panels
-SRP Racing Pedals
-Lloyds Custom Floor Mats

Custom Paint Work
-Fender Stripes
-Roof Blackout
-Tail light Blackout
-Custom Painted Bumper
-Custom Painted Hood
-Custom Painted Tail light Bezzels
-Custom Painted Engine cover
-Custom Painted Side Reflector Lights
-Custom Painted Tail Light Trim
-Custom Painted Pinstripe on Rims
-Custom Painted Calipers
-Custom Painted A Pillars
-Full New Custom Paint job
-Custom Painted CAI Elbow
-Custom Painted Strut Tower Brace
-Custom Painted Intake Surround
-Powder Coated Glossy Black Wheels

Engine and Suspension Modifications
-Hurst Short Throw Shifter
-Rotofab Cold Air Intake
-1 inch Drop BMR Lowering Springs
-Injector Dynamics 850cc Fuel Injectors
-Magnuson TVS 2300 Supercharger
-ZL1 Fuel Pump
-ADM FPCM Fuel Pump Module
-GM Strut Tower Brace
-MBRP Exhaust Tips
-Upgraded Spark Plugs
-Showstopper Accessories Custom Engine Dress Up Kit
-Magnaflow Street Series Axel Back
-JBA Catless Midpies
-Overdrive Cogs for the Blower
-Prosport Air to Fuel Ratio Gauge
-Prosport Boost Gauge
-Custom Grind Cam built by Ryne at Cunningham
-Tuned by Ryne at Cunningham Motorsports
- Hawk Brake Pads
- R1 Drilled and Slotted Rotors

Planned Mods:
-Air Suspension (Maybe)
-Electric Cut Outs

-and more haha its a never ending list

Its addicting we all know

Well here is my build everyone enjoy and thanks for looking :happyanim:

How she sits as of today

Completely new look *Updated* 3/11/2014

Behic2320 01-07-2013 11:42 AM

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Alright so here we go, finally set some time a side to put up some pics and start my build. I picked up my new 1SS/M6 on November 28th, It was bone stock other than the RS package.

Behic2320 01-07-2013 11:45 AM

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The first couple things I did were paint the interior trim parts, I got a hurst short throw shifter installed and AAC footwell lighting and dome light in blue

Behic2320 01-07-2013 11:53 AM

So while I was in Chicago over the holidays to see my Fiances family and our new baby Nephew, I dropped the car off in the shop to get some work done on her.

Things being added

-Lambo Doors
-Rideskinz Aggressor Front Bumper
-Rk Sport Extractor Hood
-Heritage Grille
-Custom paint work
-Tail light trim
-Roof Blackout
-Fender Stripes
-Painted hood
-Painted Front bumper

And they're taking off the vinyl racing stripes, they look good but I just have a couple different ideas for the car

Behic2320 01-07-2013 12:02 PM

Got the car back and got a couple of things done, also i had the trim on the doors redone in White suede. so here are a couple pics of the build. However my girl is back in the shop until wednesday I got a couple more things done

This time around a few smaller things

-The little vents on the hood are getting painted Matte black to match
-I got a duraflex gm ground fx look a like to rear valence that is getting painted and put on
-matte black side reflector lights are being added as well

Mods to be done in the next couple weeks,

All already ordered just waiting for them to arrive

-Razzi Side skirts (might go a different direction than with these)
so if anyone is looking for a set pm me or leave a post
-generation 5 unrestricted motorsports spoiler
-Aset of TSW Brooklands Matte Black 20' off set 8.5(2) 10(2)

I was kinda up in the air about these rims, I saw them when I had my last camaro and didnt love them but they were good looking and then all of a sudden I saw them on another white camaro and I instantly fell in love, I also have some custom paint work ideas that will be going on these rims as well

Behic2320 01-07-2013 12:43 PM

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And Finally here are a few pics

Behic2320 01-07-2013 12:51 PM

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Okay so just a few things about the rideskinz bumper, As soon as it came out i knew I would have to have one. They just looked so sweet. With that said they offer a great product but with that comes a great expense. they have a LOT of fitment issues.

Talked to tony, the manager at rideskinz, and he helped me explain to the shop what needed done. A great guy with great customer service!!!!

They add more than needed material so you or the shop can sand it down to the exact fitment you want

with that said here are some pics

Behic2320 01-07-2013 12:53 PM

So after we got the bumper all sanded down to fit the damn grille wouldnt go on hahaha,
well it just needed some more work took it all apart and they went to work on it again, as you can see its not horrible but definitely noticeable

Behic2320 01-07-2013 12:56 PM

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When I picked her up friday night she was beautiful just about everything I could Have asked for just a few more pics enjoy:D

Behic2320 01-07-2013 12:57 PM

:happyanim:Sorry for the crappy pics they were all taken from my phone, anyways more photos to come thursday after I pick up my baby wednesday night:thumbup:

vroomapunk 01-07-2013 02:34 PM

the car is insane! I like everything youve done, post more pics man. The rims are awesome as well

2010 SSRS 01-07-2013 02:43 PM

wow, you have done an absolute awesome job with your Camaro, very very nice :thumbup:

Behic2320 01-07-2013 02:44 PM

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Originally Posted by vroomapunk (Post 6003582)
the car is insane! I like everything youve done, post more pics man. The rims are awesome as well

Thanks Man I really appreciate it, these cars are a little to much fun haha, but yea my new rims get in some time in the next week at two Im so anxious

These are the rims I Went with Ill probably add a white pin stripe to them

Behic2320 01-07-2013 02:44 PM


Originally Posted by 2010 SSRS (Post 6003618)
wow, you have done an absolute awesome job with your Camaro, very very nice :thumbup:

Greatly appreciated especially coming from someone who was 3 badass camaros :headbang:

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