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Jamie Mac 04-28-2009 01:48 PM

Rumor? 9000 Camaros waiting to be transported.
Ok please don't shoot or otherwise trash the messenger on this one. I just got back from my dealer and I'm now at 3000. WHOOHOOO! Oh wait I was there last week. Anyway heres the rumor as he told it to me. This mornings transport driver told him that there are 9000 Camaro's waiting to be transported. Remember I heard this from my dealer who heard it from the transport truck driver. Can we get Camaro Scotty or another dealer on here to check with their transport drivers and see if there is anyone to back up this rumor? If true perhaps they have thrown a few Camaro's around and will then mass transport after the 6th???? Again just a 3rd party messenger and I don't claim any of this as truth so please don't shoot me. My dealers first Camaro is in transit. I'm #3 on his order list out of 6.

Iwantone2 04-28-2009 01:50 PM

9000!!! That is a whole lot of Camaro's...something doesn't sound right :iono:

CamaroShayne 04-28-2009 01:51 PM

I run Team Chevrolet in Alpharetta Georgia, and spoke to the driver who dropped our display car off on Saturday. We have 2 orders that are built and ready to roll... He said the trucks are moving as quick as they can and in some cases even picking up on Sunday's to get them out there ASAP. Hope this helps.. Shayne

jeffny09 04-28-2009 01:52 PM

im sure its not right

Inspector 17 04-28-2009 01:52 PM

We have seen customers with VINs in the 4000-5000 range, but nothing higher than that yet. I guess anything is possible, but this seems just a little high for right now.

duffmobile 04-28-2009 01:55 PM

Latest Automotive News pegs Camaro production numbers right around 9300 total produced vehicles. They update their numbers weekly. For example they produced 2300 camaros from 4/20-4/25. It's starting to ramp up. I believe him.

PQ 04-28-2009 01:55 PM


I used to be a truck driver.

Remember when you did that exercise in school where you whispered some info in the first kids ear and it went around the class and it came back completely different? ;)

NEVER relly on a truck drivers info.

BTW, I haven't drove a truck for years. :rolleyes:

Jamie Mac 04-28-2009 02:00 PM

Well thats why I'm wondering if anyone in a position to talk to someone could do so. 9000 seemed high to me but you just never know. Get those trucks a rolling if for no other reason than to make room in the parking lot for mine!

Iwantone2 04-28-2009 02:00 PM

Even if they have built 9000+, it seems that not all of the pre-orders are getting filled. So where are these cars going? Probably more Avis cars?

321LATER 04-28-2009 02:05 PM

Lets not forget the dealer cars. I suspect they would be in our VIN Tracking spreadsheet so 9000 makes sense to me.

CommandoSS 04-28-2009 02:06 PM

9000 camaros don't even exist yet

PQ 04-28-2009 02:09 PM

If you figure 30 working days in Oshawa at 250 cars per day it hits 8000.

That's if they hit 250 per day and worked 5 days per week. Which I kinda doubt. But my salesman argued thet mine was built and shipped and I told him he was crazy. He couldn't give me a vin because the ordering guy was not there when he called me but, hey, where is the 'fingers crossed' smiley. :D

rolnslo 04-28-2009 02:11 PM

The 9000 number only seems plausible if they ramped up production beyond planned capacity, especially given the slow ramp up initially.

There have been 30 (+/- 1 or 2) days for production so far. 9000 cars is an average of 300 cars per day.

Besides, if GM really did have 9000 Camaros just waiting for transport, don't you think we see more cars sitting at the plant than we have in recent pictures?

duffmobile 04-28-2009 02:11 PM

9300. I can prove it.


Originally Posted by CommandoSS (Post 440453)
9000 camaros don't even exist yet

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