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LS3 SS 08-12-2010 07:44 PM

LS3 SS' 2010 CGM 2SS/RS Camaro [COTW 9/17/12]
I figure I would start my car journal, seeing as my car will be going through some more "drastic" changes here soon.

Background Story :

I was deployed in Iraq (Army Mechanic E-5, 4 years) at the time I was looking at vehicles, and honestly an SS Camaro was the LAST thought that crossed my mind when I was trying to buy a new vehicle. I WAS a Ford enthusiast, and I had previously owned 3 mustangs, 2 being an 1990 GT, 1993 LX, and my last being a 1999 Cobra.

My friend actually talked me into looking at a Camaro, and knew I could afford one, so I gave it a shot. I started talking to Anna Bearinger of Sparta Chevrolet in March, and 2 months later, I was the proud owner of a 2010 Camaro SS. :happyanim: I went through a lot of headaches trying to get the paperwork started and finished while I was deployed, so between this car being built FOR me, and it being my first NEW car, I will be keeping this car, no matter what. Well, here goes nothing! :



RotoFab CAI
RotoFab Custom Painted Engine Covers
AAC Cool White interior LED Bulbs
AAC Cool white license plate bulbs
AAC cool white trunk light bulbs
AAC Cool blue DRL bulbs
Elite Engineering Oil Catch can
JBA High Flow Catalytic Converters
Solo Performance Catback Exhaust
FieldGoal DRL harness
AAC SMD LED sidemarkers
RPI designs stealth paint matched mudguards
RPI Designs ZL1 style front air splitter
GM Heritage grill
Solo Performance 02 extenders
Emblempros dash plaque
GMPP Skipshift eliminator
Autotrim design faded gill inserts
Lloyd’s SS floor mats
Matte black tailight bezels
RPI designs blackout panel
Gary’s Custom Black and Red rear Bowtie
22’’ Lexani LX-7 wheels
Pirelli P zero nero tires
Custom LeatherRed Suede interior
Oracle Lighting red footwell LEDs
JDP Color Changing Halo kit
RPI designs Cyber grey metallic center console trim
RPI designs Cyber grey metallic steering wheel trim
Pedders lowering coil springs
3D Carbon Rear Spoiler
AAC High Power Reverse LED lights

LS3 SS 08-12-2010 07:48 PM

The direction I really wanted to go with this car, was subtle, and still "kind of" is. I just wanted to do a few cosmetic modifications, a Cat-back or Axle-back system mainly for sound, a new engine cover, and a nice set of wheels along with a few other modifications. I did not want to go "overboard", but at the same time, I wanted the show car look that people can appreciate instead of trying to figure out how much money I spent to get the car to that level.

First, I added small things like LLoyd's floor mats, and AAC LED conversion bulbs for the dome light, trunk light, and license plate :

Then I decided to get a dash plaque made from :

LS3 SS 08-12-2010 08:03 PM

I also added gill accents for the side gills by autotrimdesign, as well as AAC LED P13W bulbs for the DRLs :

Finally...sigh. I couldn't stand how "quiet" the car was with the factory exhaust system. Don't get me wrong, I love having a "powerful" car that's quiet, but this is a sports car with a V8 in it, it can only be SO quiet, lol. So I gave the guys at SOLO Performance a call, and ordered the Solo Mach X Catback exhaust system :

The install wasn't TOO bad. But then again, I did it with a friend, and all we had was hand tools, and a Jack LOL. It was quiet at first, but it's slowly starting to get louder. I absolutely love the sound though. Nice and quiet until you get on it, with nice decel popping in almost every gear.

LS3 SS 08-12-2010 08:12 PM

The most recent modification I have installed was an PCV oil catch can from Mike Norris Motorsport. I will not lie to anyone who is on the fence about buying one, you NEED an oil catch can. I just RECENTLY installed the catch can, and there is already oil inside the can from just a few miles of driving. Save oil build up in your intake system now, while you can catch it early. I will say that I am not 100% pleased with the Mike Norris Catch can. The design is solid, but :

1. They do not have any 2010 Camaro SS specific applications, so you will have to be creative in fabricating a mounting bracket

2. The catch can isnt the "largest", so therefore you will be checking it more often than say a RevX or Elite Engineering can.

The particular can I receieved had a small design flaw. The side outlet hole that was drilled, was uneven. So when I threaded the fitting into the can, it threaded fine, but since the hole is not a "perfect circle", there is very tiny air leak that can only be heard, not felt when the vehicle is running. Also, the drain valve at the bottom of the can is "leaking" oil, even though I have tightened it as tight as it will go.

I plan on ordering an Elite Engineering can within the next few days, so I guess you should believe people when they say "Do it right the first time". I do not have pictures of the can, but don't worry, just purchase an Elite Engineering can, and save yourself the headache.

Here are pictures of the mounting bracket I made though. I went to home depot, got an L bracket for 4 dollars, and drilled holes to slide the bolt and nut through. Then I attached it to the mounting bracket for the can, and attached the whole assembly
the to bolt that holds the radiator shroud/radiator together :

LS3 SS 08-12-2010 08:16 PM

This is all I have documented for now.:) Next purchases that are on the immediate list are :

ShowStopper Front splitter
Elite Engineering Oil Catch Can
"BumbleBee" Style Bowties

Next purchases on the near future list are :

Roto Fab Engine covers
GM Heritage Grille
CCC SS emblem for the heritage grille

bi11ymc 08-12-2010 08:29 PM

Very nice :thumbup:

CaniacFan 08-12-2010 08:41 PM

Nice journal, wish I'd started one when I got my 2SS/RS CGM M6 in December. Loving your mods so far. Keep the pics coming, we love to see them.

LS3 SS 08-12-2010 08:45 PM


Originally Posted by bi11ymc (Post 2213246)
Very nice :thumbup:


Originally Posted by CaniacFan (Post 2213297)
Nice journal, wish I'd started one when I got my 2SS/RS CGM M6 in December. Loving your mods so far. Keep the pics coming, we love to see them.


Will do!

Overflow 08-13-2010 08:42 AM

WOW. Awesome mods!

LS3 SS 08-21-2010 01:03 PM

Well, heres some updates on my car. My Elite Engineering Oil Catch can came in, and I installed it this morning. I recommend anyone who owns an LS3/L99, to purchase this product, as the fit,finish, and quality of the product is top notch. Here are the pictures :

Before :

After :

Darth_Emma 08-21-2010 02:33 PM

Nice car. Love the color! Keep those pictures coming.

LS3 SS 08-21-2010 04:56 PM


Originally Posted by Darth_Emma (Post 2245088)
Nice car. Love the color! Keep those pictures coming.

Thanks!! Just trying to live in your shadow! lol :laugh:

LS3 SS 09-17-2010 03:01 PM

Well it's been a few weeks since I had an update, so here we go!!

I decided to pull the trigger on a GM Heritage grill, because I got tired of looking at my big gold bowtie and "not so aggressive" (IMO) front end.

I tried to install it on tuesday this week, but I did not have the right extension to reach one of the bolts on the bumper to get it off. I was also mistaken on which bolt to remove, and that was cleared up by some overly helpful members here! (I love these forums).

So I installed the grill with the help of a co-worker wednesday and this is the result :


ZAPSSRS 09-17-2010 03:11 PM

Looking Good - Keep it up..........

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