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AJ23 09-27-2010 02:18 AM

new member , and soon to be a new camaro owner :)
hi guys
i've been reading your fourm for a month now , and im enjoying every moment of it , ive learned lots of information , that even the chevy sales person didnt know about , and i enjoyed asking him Q's and watching him google it or searching for the answer in his system :)

will lets get to the point , ive been on and off about buying the new camaro , first it wuz the choice of having the challenger or th '11 stang GT , and thn i decided i would go with the camaro 2SS/RS , cuz it looks more threatning and evil when u see one pulling up nxt to u and revving up that V8 engine , but what is stopping me frm buying 1 right now is that im always looking for the best option/model to buy , i wuz planing to own the '10 thn i saw the HUD in the '11 nad decided to w8 for it until its in the showroom and that wont b until dec/2010 , thn i've heared abt the 2012 and the Z28 , and it might be priced a lil bit higher but at least the SS will get a new design and ive heard frm the sales guy that the 2012 will have a sat nav option .
and i just cant w8 forever , and keep w8in for the newer model , i need to commit to a model soon or there is a good chance of me going crazy , because its one hell of a ride and i cant w8 to own 1 :cry:

thx guys :chevy:

orange-prince 09-27-2010 02:39 AM

welcome ( one new khaliji brother ) and dont wait 2much go and get it and if you want the z/28 power then go with a supercharger

AJ23 09-27-2010 03:03 AM

wow another khaliji brother , i didnt know that there will b another 1 hehe :)

i know i could go with the supercharger but i've heard that it will get a new look based on the spy shots

ill see wut other members have to say about the subject
thx alot

pogiskier 09-27-2010 03:27 AM

I have been having the same thoughts. but I already orderd one the 2011 2ss rs birthday present from the wife! I decided it would drive her and me nuts to keep waiting. we have been searching and waiting sence the 2006 charger came out, so i can hardly wait this last three to four weeks. get the 11 you'll love it and if the z is a must have, trade up.

orange-prince 09-27-2010 03:36 AM

if u need anything pm me right away and im comming to bahrain on friday
( my frinde weading ) i must be there

AJ23 09-27-2010 03:51 AM

pogiskier : i knw that w8in for the car you love is a pain , but wut is even more painfull is seeing the new1 just rolling nxt to u , and just the idea that if i could've got that sweet ride if i was a lil patient , will kill me , im sure of that
ill see wut other members have to say about this subject , thx alot man ;)

orange-prince : ya sure man , btw wut r the prices in ur country , last night i went to the dealer and saw the 2SS/RS fully-loaded with ground effect and racing stripes and it wuz 19000 BD , is it cheaper in qatar ?
and do u recommend having it frm ther ?

Sir Nuke 09-27-2010 06:27 AM

AJ, Welcome to our happy little corner of the net, and to Camaro5. There is a BIG fridge on the back porch with anything you can think of in yourself...of course only take what you can LEGALLY have. Make yourself at home on one of the big fluffy couches, kick your shoes off, put your feet up on one of the tables, yes we are allowed to do that, mom's and wive's here don't care....and take it easy.

oh...btw....every once in a while a food fight breaks you may not want to wear nice clothes here.


AJ23 09-27-2010 06:54 AM

sir nuke : thx alot for the warm welcome :)
if you have any ideas about the issue in hand please help :)
thx again :)

JJ2010 09-27-2010 07:04 AM


I wouldn't wait for navigation or other options personally.....

If those things are that important then wait....

My car is custom and will be like I want it,so waiting didn't matter to me.

AJ23 09-27-2010 08:37 AM

thx jj2010 for ur comment
its not only the sat nav , which i can ignore , the problem is should i take the 2011 model which will feature an HUD , which is gr8 or should i w8 for the 2012 model as they say will feature a new look + Sat nav { rumored } ?

BackinBlackSS/RS 09-27-2010 08:47 AM

Welcome! :wave: New look for 2012? Where did you hear this?

AJ23 09-27-2010 09:15 AM

not 100% new look , but u can put it like this , the z28 spy shots showed a new front bumper , so thats wut i want if the 2012 ss remains the same and the z28 rolls out with this new bumper , i might order it stock ( SS ) with that look , because i dont trust our aftermarket guys in my country

thats wut mostly stopping me from buying the 2011 :)
and one more thing , can i order my car to be matte black with matte grey stripes ??
or this is smthing i should do in an aftermarket shop ?

thx alot

BackinBlackSS/RS 09-27-2010 09:20 AM

The SS is not going to have that bumper. You will have to buy it from GM and have it intalled, at least that's how I see it. :) You cannot order your car in matte black.

AJ23 09-27-2010 09:27 AM

will if the SS wont have that bumper , then thats it for me , i might have it installed later :)
im going for the 2011 model as soon as it hits the dealer and see it for my self :)
thx alot :)
and its a shame i cant have it in matte black i love the color

look at this bad boy

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