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1o.f00t.570rk 06-05-2011 11:08 AM

Working with Z Sport Automotive...
Hey all, so I wanted to give a shout out on existing experiences and let you know of what I'll be doing with them in the near future.

My first experience was with my bad-weather DD and eventually rally project car. Being old, I wanted them to replace the fluids and do a full inspection on everything but the engine (which will be swapped out) to determine what will need replacing and what won't. It took about an hour and a half, but at the end of it I was able to talk with the technician about what needed fixing and how much it would cost. Great experience, they were more than happy to talk and provide reasonable estimates for services needed.

Yesterday I went in to talk to them for a while about things I would like to do with my Camaro, and so this upcoming saturday I'll be getting my baseline dyno pull and having my ARK catback and possibly my Vararam intake (if it ships) installed. When I've had a few other mods done and the ECU has adjusted, we'll dyno it again, as I don't expect huge gains with each individual bolt-on.

They are also going to be taking a lot of pictures and measurements, because this will be the first 5th Gen Camaro that they'll have up on their lift. With the measurements and pictures, they can get a sense for what bracing will be needed to get the Camaro to be even more of a handler than it already is, and will source material and fabricate the components themselves.

They will also be working with me to upgrade the braking system as well, so they are definitely supportive in my wanting to ensure that I get my car safe and ready to handle power long before we go and add it.

So they are definitely excited to be able to work with me on the car, as they have also done work on other muscle cars, both classic and new, just not the new Camaros yet. They also have a lot of experience with forced induction applications, so we of course talked about eventually going with a twin-turbo setup later on down the line (at least after my warranty runs out). :D

Anywho, wanted to at least get this thread started, so I can update it with some goodies when I have them, and say that they are a great shop worth looking into, regardless of whether you have a domestic or an import, and whether you're looking to have maintenance or aftermarket performance.:drinking:

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