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Trent501 08-04-2011 12:02 PM

New Guy
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Hello everybody! I want to start by saying that I am extremely thankful for my amazing family, and I do realize that I am extremely blessed!

So my story... I am 16 years old and I fell in love with the fifth gen Camaro about a year ago. I'm pretty sure my parents got really annoyed because whenever we would pass a Camaro, I would point and yell, "CAMARO!" Anyway, I turned 16 back in March, and I drove my sister's old Mitsubishi for about five months. As much as I loved the new Camaro's, I never once believed that I would get one. Well, this past Friday I had just gotten back from a trip in South America with my church, and my parents picked me up from the airport. So, on the way home, my dad was telling me that he had taken my car somewhere where they did some work on it and did things to "spice it up." I was just wondering what he could of possibly done to a 4 cylinder Mitsubishi Outlander to "spice it up"? So he opened the garage, and there it was, in all of its beauty, a summit white 2011 Camaro 2LT/RS with orange stripes :happyanim: I freaked out. They even took a video of my reaction, and it's pretty funny. Anyway, i absolutely LOVE this car! It is amazing!!! I've looked at these forums some over the past couple of months, and I figured I had to become a member now. :chevy: :thumbup: (I'm trying to upload pictures, so I hope it works)

67 Convertible 08-04-2011 12:06 PM

Very nice car!
You are a very lucky young man.
Respect the car and don't do anything stupid.
Welcome to the site and enjoy your new car. :thumbsup:

SSBUSDRVR 08-04-2011 12:07 PM

Welcome and a big congratulations! Stay humble and choose your dates wisely. You're going to have to hand out numbers. LOL:thumbsup:

MMC 08-04-2011 12:10 PM

Welcome! Please respect the power of this car and don't make us read another post about an accident with a young driver. Enjoy the ride! :chevy:

orangejuice 08-04-2011 12:29 PM

Nice, don't be a typical 16 yr old

CaniacFan 08-04-2011 12:42 PM

I'll be honest here... I'm a mother of four almost grown kids (29, 26, 21, 18) - and I cringe when I read of yet another 16 y/o getting a Camaro.

Why?? Pure driving experience - you have none. You give a child a high performance car and the results 90% of the time aren't good. My then 16 y/o daughter wanted a Camaro too, hell no. Told her to get 3 yrs experience under her belt and we'd talk about it.

Everyone has various degrees of being responsible - but I'm sure you've heard this all before.

Please respect this car, it is a beast of a machine - but it won't make you invincible.

Trent501 08-04-2011 12:58 PM

I understand what kind of car it is, and I promise you, I respect the power of this car. I love driving the Camaro, but I'm not gonna be stupid. So many people assume that all 16 year olds are just a bunch of punks that make dumb decisions and just want to show off to their friends. And I know this is said a lot, but I am a responsible driver. I don't speed, I have no tickets, and no wrecks (I realize 5 months isn't that much driving experience). And honestly, it's basically my dads car. He drives it just as much as I do. My parents would not have gotten this car if they didn't think I could handle it. Trust me, I will be EXTREMELY careful.

panther2469 08-04-2011 01:25 PM

Welcome to C5

2010 SSRS 08-04-2011 08:15 PM

Congrats, that is so awesome, I am glad to see more young Camaro owners

GTAHVIT 08-04-2011 08:17 PM


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