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dmwhiteman 02-21-2012 06:56 AM

Black and IOM 2ssRS - Black Widow Avengers theme
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Thought after a year and a half its about time I do a write up on what I have done so far.
I am a HUGE Marvel fan, so I thought it would be appropriate to theme one of the hottest cars towards one of the hottest characters of all time, Scarlett Johansson playing Natalie Romanoff, Blackwidow. I am trying to add subtle touches that enhance this theme. Input is always appreciated from those who are more creative than I.

Just a note, this is going to be a show car more than a race car. I will be adding a few performance parts, easy bolt-on, but for the most part it will be cosmetic.

I would like to thank Hotchkis Sport Suspension and A&A Auto Stores for providing me with a Stage 1 TVS. The car looks and handles much better. The 1" lower stance makes a big difference.

Click here for my current project

DOB 8/24/2009
Black with IOM stripes
RS Package

Special Features:
No back up sensors

Kooks 1 7/8" LT Headers
BBK Cold Air intake
SLP Powerflow Exhaust
Hotchkis Stage 1 TVS
Hotchkis 4-point Strut Brace

JDP Color Change Halo kit - #26
Black Widow LED emblem in trunk - #15
LED Foot-well Lighting
AAC Kitt Light
AAC LED dome and trunk light
5% Window Tint
Tinted tail lights - #28
Tinted side markers

3D Carbon Side Vents
3D Carbon Side Skirts
3D Carbon Air Dam
Vanity Plate - BLK WD0
Black Widow emblem on center console
IOM Trim package
IOM Steering wheel trim
IOM Center Console
IOM Gauge Trim
GM Camaro floor mats
Defenderworx Black Bow-ties
GM IO engine cover
Plasti-Dipped Wheels
Engine cap dress up


2 - 12" Hifonics Subs 700w
MTX TE604 for speakers
******** FARK
MTX TA5601 for subs
Boston Acoustic sound package
******** dual enclosure
DB Link RCA Cables
Knukonceptz power wire
DB Link distribution and ground blocks
Dynamat in doors and trunk

On Order

To be installed
Hex Vents

Wish List
Hawk Ceramic break pads
Painted calipers
Havoc Diffuser
Firebreather Spoiler

To Do list
Tint DRLs

dmwhiteman 02-21-2012 06:56 AM

Build Progress:

Purchased 9/15/2010 in Bradford PA from Edmonds Chevrolet.

It rained the whole ride home. Only have been caught in the rain twice since then.

First Mod done was BBK Cold air intake

Fall 2010 - Installed Orion 8001 and 2 12" Hifonics Subwoofers 400w RMS. I had a makeshift box from a past vehicle that I used for about a month. By mid October it was replaced with ********s dual enclosure.

10/19/10 - I was on my way home from Wal-Mart getting groceries, a half gallon of milk decided to explode in my trunk. The Orion amp had milk underneath it which it cooked and instantly began to stink. I removed the carpet and soaked up most of the milk then used a spray foam cleaner 3 times to remove the smell from the floor mat. The side carpet wasn't bad above the first few inches and was easily cleaned with papertowels and some carpet spray. The battery ended up sitting in about 1 inch. Good excuse to start dynamatting!

Jan 2011 - Installed footwell lighting. I just bought 4 strips of LEDs from my local Autozone.

Feb 2011 - I had the steering wheel and plastic on center console painted

March 2011 - Blacked out side markers. I used 5% window tint on all 4 side markers. I followed this DIY for easy removal and install. Sorry for crappy cell phone pics.

A guy at work made me a bunch of Black Widow hour glass emblems out of 16ga steel. They turned out pretty well. I used red and orange in several layers of a thin mist trying to get as close to an Inferno Orange as I could.

April 2011 - Installed AAC's light bar - I dont have any pics of the install. I didnt run into to much trouble with this. I masked everything off twice around the mail slot to do my cutting. Even though I placed a towel and 2 layers of tape between the dremel and the plastic, I still managed to scuff up the one corner, but its hardly noticable. I ran the wiring to a switch where the controls for the HUD is located. It is also setup so that when I get AAC's dual halos I will be able to change the color from white to red with the switch. All i have to do is wire a relay between the power for red and white.

I think that was all I did from April to July 2011. At the end of June I attended the Carlisle GM Nationals. Judging was Saturday afternoon and awards were scheduled for Sunday around noon. I rode over to the fair grounds early Sunday to see the posted results. CLASS WINNER!!! WOOOO WHOOO!!!! So I call my g/f who stayed at the hotel to sleep in and told her I would be right there to pick her up so we could get back to the show. Got to the hotel, and she HAD to have Sheetz coffee. Hotel coffee wasnt good enough and neither was Carlisle coffee. So we went to Sheetz. When pulling in I have about 5 miles to my left side. My right side....... well.... :yikes: hit the curb :facepalm:. I got a big scrape on my wheel. Pissed off, we went to the fair grounds. Thankfully no one noticed, or at least told me they noticed, and when it was time for the awards the photographer was on the left side.

When I got home, I placed an order for 5 cans of plasti-dip and got to work.

This was the damaged wheel - the other 3 look the same. I need to find the pictures of the damage.

8/4/11 - Added engine cap accents

1/22/12 - Painte CHEVROLET black on my IO engine cover

1/25/12 - Dynamat door panels - Pics only of Right door

3/15/12 - Added LED black widow emblem

dmwhiteman 02-21-2012 07:12 AM

Current Project

dmwhiteman 02-22-2012 05:31 AM

Stackpole Complex and Parking Garage photos on 6/29/12.

dmwhiteman 02-22-2012 02:58 PM

Just placed my order for IOM speedometer bezel from Lupe aka River City Creations. Looking forward to my interior matching!!

Maro99 02-24-2012 04:50 PM

Great start, I really like all of the engine bay caps and plasti dipped wheels. Subscribed for future updates. :popcorn:

dmwhiteman 02-25-2012 08:43 AM


Originally Posted by Maro99 (Post 4539409)
Great start, I really like all of the engine bay caps and plasti dipped wheels. Subscribed for future updates. :popcorn:

Thanks! I just placed the order for the master cylinder cap. The kit I ordered didn't included one. It is the same as the radiator though so shouldn't be a problem.

dmwhiteman 03-01-2012 06:01 PM

Trunk Project

MTX TA5601 - soon to be TE801D (pressure from dad wanting everythin EXACTLY the same)
2 12" Hifonics subwoofers
Knukonceptz Power and Ground wiring
DB Link RCA Cables
DB Link Power Distribution block
DB Link Ground Block
Scosche speaker wire
Raptor fuses
******** FARK

Removal of stock amp - The speaker wires are for the old amp. No FARK

Cluster of wires after removal of stock amp

I had to chop a couple holes in the battery cover to be able to run the wires where I wanted them

Wires coming up from the battery hole. Sorry no pics of the wiring under the lid. I am very very bad at in progress pics. I get on a role and forget the camera is even there!

I reran some of the wires. After putting the amps in the trunk I realized that having all the wires coming out of 2 holes covering 3 1/2 space of amp, that my neat wiring attempt would not be possible. I ripped out the trunk cover, cut 5 more holes and redid the wiring

Sorry for the delay. Here is a picture of the trunk ALMOST done. I need to figure out a way to tie the power/ground wires to the box in a non-tacky way. Im going to talk to the machine shop at work and see if they can come up with something cool.

dmwhiteman 03-02-2012 11:02 AM

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Just got my speedo bezel from River City Creations. Looks awesome! Thanks Lupe!

ffnva40 03-02-2012 11:35 AM

This car is badass my friend! Can't wait to get started on modding mine!!

ffnva40 03-02-2012 11:36 AM

I really like the footlighting.. Can you give me some advice on how to install it?

dmwhiteman 03-02-2012 01:56 PM


Originally Posted by ffnva40 (Post 4576017)
I really like the footlighting.. Can you give me some advice on how to install it?

Ugh, I had a really great write up and then my computer restarted:mad0260::mad0260:

Here is the DIY. If I get a chance tonight, I will rewrite the writeup. If you have any other questions, PM me.

dmwhiteman 03-02-2012 04:27 PM

Ok, heres a little more info.

I picked up 4 12" red LED strips from autozone. I tied 2 of them to the bottom of the back seat, and one in each foot well. The rear was the easiest. If you lift the seat, and if you have leather not sure about cloth, there is a piece of black mesh. I used 3 zipties on each strip. Then ran the wires up the drivers side. Make sure you put the end of the LED strip with the wires in the direction you want the wire to go.

The fronts were a little trickier. I couldn't find a solid piece of plastic the length of the LED (you'll see when you start hanging upside down to find the grey wire). I just found 2-3 places and did the best I could. If you put it a few inches back you can't see the strip if it hangs a little.

To run the wire from the passenger side, there is a small gap behind the underneath of the radio (if that makes sense) that you can pull the wire through.

I soldered all the wires to 1 bigger wire which I T-tapped to the grey wire shown in the DIY. Now your footwells will turn on when you open the door or turn on your dome light.

I am thinking about doing this under the door as well. Saw some pics somewhere and thought it looked really cool.

ffnva40 03-03-2012 12:07 AM

Thanks for all the info man! I really aprec it!!

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