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nukemgreg 05-24-2009 08:06 AM

Nukemgreg's Camaro Legacy
The year - 1984; the place - Bremerton, WA. Heart has just made a comeback and Loverboy was touring the US. We come upon a young Petty Officer Third Class assigned to the USS Whale (SSN 638). He has just re-enlisted and has bought a used red 1983 Camaro. And thus the obsession began. Fast forward 6 years...We now find our still relatively young Petty Officer Second Class assigned to the USS Tunny (SSN 682) stationed in Pearl Harbor. Upon closer inspection he is now driving a brand new 1989 Camaro (yes it is the same shade of red) but this time this one has T-tops. As he zips around Pearl Harbor a former Laker Girl by the name of Paula Abdul is singing "Straight Up" and some group called Will to Power is butchering "Freebird". We jump forward a few years and we see our still relatively young Petty Officer but in just 3 years there has been a remarkable change ...He has been promoted to Petty Officer First Class, he is married, and he drives a Honda Civic. And thus begins a long drought of Camaros. To be honest, during these years, the quality of American cars were absolutely crap.

Present Day

We find our young-at-heart Petty Officer, who is now a retired Chief Petty Officer working for a major defense contractor pulling in around 125K a year. He is still married to the same girl and now has a daughter. Paula Abdul is now a judge on American Idol and who knows what happened to Loverboy. The quality of American cars has been steadily improving over the years to the point that they meet or exceed their foreign counterparts. Our young-at-heart hero feels that it is time to purchase an American car. He eyes the Mustang which has been making a comeback over the past years and the Challenger which was looking to cash in on the retro resurgence that the Mustang had ushered in. Then he saw a movie called "Transformers", and the camaro obsession was renewed...

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